Two Scavengers and Night of the Scorpion

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Two Scavengers and Night of the Scorpion

Question: How is the contrast used in “Two Scavengers?” Compare this use if contrast with one other poem

Contrast is used in Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes and Night of the Scorpion. In two scavengers it tells the story of how different sets of people are in society as the poem title explains a lot. The title of the poem itself is a contrast as it shows two classes of people, one of the rich and the other of poor. In the poem Night of the Scorpion it shows how two very different cultures come together in society and help one another. The poem Night of the scorpion is a good contrast poem as it shows the two different cultures and how they interpret the situation.

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In both poems there are many descriptions to show how people are different and some quotations within both of the poems show clearly the contrast between the two sets of people and the two different cultures. Contrast is used in the poem two scavengers; it gives a brief description of the garbage men “two garbage men in red plastic blazers.” This use of the colour “red” suggests that the garbage men have more colours in their life but this is contrasted by the description of the blazer “plastic” which suggests that the material is very cheap and not of ...

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