Write a speech for the school council arguing for the abolition of school uniform

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Thamanya Kugathasan                                                                                             01/05/09

Write a speech for the school council arguing for the abolition of school uniform

Dear Students,


The wearing of school uniform is a controversial subject in today’s society and is constantly undergoing debate. Most students would like to be free of rules and regulations. School uniform is imposed upon students in the view that it would create a sense of equality, in which it has succeeded, though has created many other problems. I am going to discuss the many problems most students and even some parents have with the school uniform.

Firstly I believe that school uniform doesn’t give children a sense of individuality and suppresses their own true identity. The way they dress and present themselves is essential to their upbringing as it helps them to learn about themselves and is a way in which one can express themselves. Some people say uniform would show unity and therefore, students would not be judged by others by what they're wearing, and thus there would be no difference between the rich and the poor. Are you really happy with hiding your identity and not letting your true qualities shine through in the way you dress? Do you actually believe that uniform would stop the teasing and discrimination? There are so many other things that people can find to tease and discriminate someone with. Everyone has certain flaws that people will find, such as hygiene, looks, personality, intelligence, race and much more. Recent surveys done by psychiatrists from the University of Melbourne shows that whilst 23.7 percent of students get bullied in schools where uniform is enforced only 22.9 percent of students get bullied in schools were casual wear is allowed Students will just look for the little flaws that someone has, harassing them constantly about it and this can cause a lot of problems with someone's self esteem. Nobody is perfect, so unless people somehow find a way to be perfect in everyone's opinion, teasing and discrimination will never come to an end.

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Surely we all know that uniforms won’t stop the many cliques that schools, and society alone, have. People have cliques because they have the same interests as each other, they can relate with each other, and get along with one another. Individuality is what makes going to school interesting. There are other ways to be an individual and express yourself besides your clothing, but to my mind clothing plays a big role in showing others what you are like and finding out who you want to be. School uniforms revoke the right to express yourself to others. Clothes are an ...

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