Analysis of The Maer at exmouth, coursework

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Introduction - The Maer, Exmouth

Exmouth is a popular holiday spot situated in Devon, along a lovely piece of coastline. Exmouth is a thriving area and is very popular with tourists during the summer seasons. The town host events all through the year and caters not only for the incoming tourists, but for its local community of around 35000 people as well. The Maer is a large, green open public space along Exmouth seafront. It was once a shallow lagoon but then in later years was converted into a large pitch and putt golf course.

However the golf course was demolished a few years back and since 1992 The Maer has been a local Nature Reserve. It hosts over 400 species of plants, many of which are rare. The land at The Maer is made up of grassland and sand-dunes, perfect for all sorts of activities including; dog walking, jogging, football, picnics and barbeques. It has good access to Exmouth town centre and plenty of car parking spaces. There are many good amenities nearby including toilets, café's and an amusement arcade.

I visited The Maer on Monday 16th march 2009. I went with an aim to explore the area, and to help myself answer a Hypothesis I had set myself during class work. I also set myself 3 key questions that would help me in answering my Hypothesis. I decided to set my hypothesis against developing on The Maer as I did some research before I went, and found out how much of a popular area it is.


The Maer should not be developed as it is a popular and valued space for the local community and environment.

. Do locals and tourists use and enjoy The Maer?

2. What is the land already used for at The Maer?

3. Which areas of The Maer are used the most?

I also did some fieldwork to help me gather evidence supporting my hypothesis. I did questionnaires, pedestrian counts and a land use map. See methodology table for extra information.

The Barbeque/ Picnic Area

In the middle of The Maer, there is a whole area designated to barbeques and picnics. There are plenty of litter bins nearby and also some toilets. It also has many built in barbeques for the summer months so that tourists don't have to bring one. This is strong evidence that during the summer months, The Maer is a popular barbeque spot for tourists and the community.

Housing and the Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at The Maer are used regularly by members and often hold many competitions. Developing on The Maer would destroy a popular amenity. Also developing on The Maer would affect the view of the beautiful Maer for the attractive houses opposite on the hill. The residents would not be at all happy and would more than likely protest.

The Land

As you can see from my photo, The Maer is a large, open stretch of land around the size of a large football pitch. The areas of sand show where the grass has been worn away due to humans walking on top of it.


Method Used



Pedestrian count

Stood at two different locations for 10 minutes at each and tallied the number of people who walked past. I also noted down their approximate age and also what gender they were.

Not very popular time of year so there was not many people about. Also it was mid-week. (not summer) which is the popular time for tourists.

Missing people out of the count or counting the same people twice which would alter my final result


Asked 3 various pedestrians visiting The Maer, the same questions with multiple choice answers and tallied the results.

Not masses of people to ask and also if someone's answer wasn't included in the multiple choice then it went down as 'other'. I didn't record what their actual answer was. It could have been useful to me in answering my hypothesis.

No real risks.

Litter counts

Stood at two different locations and tallied the amount of litter and what type it was in the radius of 5 metres.
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The Maer is a very clean area so there was not much rubbish to report. Also the 5 metre radius was not a big enough area to get an accurate reading

Could easily have missed some litter.

Land-use map

I drew a brief bird's eye view map of The Maer and marked on all the different areas. I also took some photographs to help me with this task.

I couldn't see the whole of The Maer at once so it was hard to get things into perspective.

No real risks.

Primary fieldwork

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