Coastal Erosion and Defence in White Cliffs Country

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Coastal Erosion and Defence in White Cliffs Country 


The shoreline is a dynamic system where stability is maintained

despite the continued movement of waves, tides, wind and sediment.The present configuration of the shoreline is now controlled by the various coastal defences', which mankind has put in place over the last 100 - 200 years. These have stopped or slowed the transport of sediments and reduced the ability of the shoreline to respond to Natural forcing factors.

Who is responsible for the coastline?

In the United Kingdom, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is responsible for the protection of the

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coastline from flooding and erosion.

Responsibility for the coastline is divided between various authorities in accordance with legislation. Coastal Protection authorities such as Dover District Council are empowered under the Coast Protection Act 1949 to carry out works in their area to protect the coast from erosion. The construction and maintenance of works to resist coastal flooding is carried out by the Environment Agency in accordance with the Water Resources Act 1991.

Strategic planning

A key component in managing the coast has been the development

Of Shoreline Management Plans (SMP) which set out a strategy for coastal management ...

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