Loughton Brook

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Loughton brook Location of Loughton brook Loughton Brook is located on the ordinance survey sheet 177. It is in essex south east england. It is adjacent to A104 and A121 main roads. Its within the M25 near the area called Loughton. It flows south into the River Roding. The River Roding then flows beside the M11 motorway south towards the River Thames. Eventually it reaches the Thames at Barking Reach near Dagenham. What Epping Forest is like? On the edge of greater London conurbation which stands on the river Thames Epping Forest is found. The port function of the settlement was important from its first beginnings. In archaeological excavations in the City Roman docks have been discovered, which are on show in the Museum of London. Around the Isle of Dogs 19th Century docks are located and a modern container port at
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Tilbury further downstream, to the east can be found. The north and south sections of the M25 orbital motorway are linked by the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and a second crossing at the same point as the Dartford Tunnel.                                                                                                                                       The area of Epping forest is part of the green belt land that forms a ring around the conurbation of Greater London. At this area there are new developments like the new town of Harlow which was built for the pupose to take the overspill population of London in the 1950's whereas older settlements like Epping can also be found. Epping ...

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