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Necessity of water - how it is used, and wasted.

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Necessity of water We all know that water is absolutely necessary for life but the majority of people living in countries rich in water for example the UK and America don't really understand how precious waster is and how society in more economically developed countries (MEDC's) would collapse without it. We can slit the uses of water into four basic categories these are domestic, industry, agriculture, leisure they can be abbreviated by DIAL. Domestic water use is water that is used inside and outside of people homes. People water in homes for a number of different purposes for example drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, brushing your teeth, etc. many homes have a leaky tap somewhere a small drip from a tap can waste as much as 75 litres of water per day that is 27375 litres of water per year. ...read more.


This table shows how much water people use wasting water compared to saving water. Industrial water use is water that is used in industry to create products it is likely that every manufactured product uses water during some part of the production process. The image shows the amount of water needed to make some products: Product (equal to 1 unit) Equivalent water in m3 per unit Cattle 4000 Sheep and goats 500 Fresh beef 15 Fresh lamb 10 fresh poultry 6 Cereals 1.5 Citrus fruits 1 Palm oil 2 Pulses, roots and tubers 1 Water is used in agriculture mainly to produce food Up to 70 % of the water we take from rivers and groundwater goes into agriculture the table shows how much water is needed for some basic everyday food. ...read more.


This is mainly due to the hydrological or water cycle. The hydrological cycle uses the heat from the sun to heat up water on the ground, in rivers and oceans until some of the water evaporates into a vapour becoming less dense then the air around it and rises it then forms a cloud of vapour that is able to be blown by the wind, when the water vapour condenses it turns into perspiration which falls to the earth and the cycle starts over again. The image bellow will enable you get a better more detailed explanation of the water cycle. To enable the minimum amount of water to be lost water companies try to recycle all the water they can by recirculation the used water through chemicals and other processes to cleanse the water. ...read more.

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