Child care unit 2 level 2 - child development 0 to 5 years old.

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Unit 2: development and well-being 0-5 years

Task1: Understand the expected pattern in holistic child development.

Describe the expected pattern of children’s development from 0 – 5 years and include: (1.1)

* Physical development, or

* Communication and intellectual development, or

* Social, emotional and behavioural development

As children’s bodies become more mature they gradually learn to control and use different muscles and make different movements. In doing so, they learn to do more complicated and difficult physical task more skilfully and easily. However this controls may be learnt a different rates by different children so one child may learn to walk at nine months, another at 12 months and another at 18 months.

3 months

Learns to support their head
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6 months

Rolls over

9 months

Sitting up without any support

12 months

Crawling and walking may start taking few steps

15 months

Walking and may start throwing a ball

18 months


2 years

Climbing up and down stairs

3 years

Catching objects and stars jumping

4 years

Riding a tricycle

5 yeas

Dancing rhythmically, climbs , skips and hops

Newborn babies have little ...

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