Decsribe a policy in a child care setting concerning confidentiality and the sharing on information

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P6-Decsribe a policy in a child care setting concerning confidentiality and the sharing on information

It is obligatory for every child care setting to have a policy in regards to confidentiality; confidentiality at all times must be kept when working with children as they are at risk to the outside society so as a result privacy is a vital issue. Confidential information should only be shared on a need to know basis. For example the member of staff that are caring for the child at the nursery would need an explanation from the parents if the child began acting strangely, so therefore an explanation would be needed from the parents. Whether the reason is important or not this information needs to be kept private between the member of staff and the parent as this piece of information was told in complete faith.

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Confidentiality is key as this is needed to make sure all children are treated equally amongst the nursery but some parts of confidential information needs to be shared for the child’s safety such as allergies, so therefore if a child has eaten something which they wasn’t supposed to this means all staff know what the problem was and how to overcome the problem in the best way possible. Confidentiality also puts faith in the practitioners as the parents tell all important information in complete trust and they expect the information not to be shared with anyone else.  But on ...

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This essay aimed to discuss the concept of confidentiality in a nursery setting. It would be useful for the writer to explain the legislative background to this topic, and whether OFSTED has any say in this area ? would they be looking for compliance in this area when they do inspections? There was an issue with the writer seemingly not being clear about what it means to treat people ?the same? and to treat people ?fairly?, the latter is what good care workers should be aiming for. There were a few grammatical errors which could be minimised by careful proof-reading. Remember to reference correctly; check the Havard referencing guidelines. 3/5