GCSE Unit 3 - Types of Health & Designing a Healthcare Plan.

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Unit 3- health and wellbeingDefinitions:Health and wellbeing meanings come in three forms-holistic, positive and negative. Health and wellbeing’s meaning cannot be fixed because health means different things to different people, and your intellectual thinking of health can change from day to day; depending on your experiences you go through. Literally the word health comes from an old English word meaning “the state of being hale, sound or whole, in body mind or soul”. This tells us that our thinking of health is not just about our physical pain we feel but also emotional feelings. For example someone could be eating their 5 a day and exercising every day to keep fit, so their physically healthy but they might’ve been through a lot of emotional things such as death of loved ones all of the sudden and to her health doesn’t meaning anything because she is emotionally not happy. She might think that she’s not healthy when someone asks her because she’s be through a lot of emotional things so all she can think of is her worries and may not concentrate on her diet that she is eating healthy and doing exercise. The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations (UN) that co-ordinates international public health service. They have also likewise said that the meaning of health cannot be fixed because different people have different intellectual thinking of health depending on their experiences. But they have agreed upon the meaning of health and wellbeing as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There are 6 factors which might affect our health from day to day and probably change our intellectual thinking of health as well. This can affect us positively or negatively , an example of a social factor is, someone could be physically really fit and health but they might not have any friends to socialize with, and they might also not attempt to go out and find a friend because they’re feeling low about them self. This is also an example of negative meaning of health because the person is not doing anything to look after their health.Holistic definition:A holistic definition of health accesses health based on a combination ofphysical, intellectual, emotional and social factors. Literally it looks in all parts of a person’s health. This definition is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. For example Paula Radcliffe, the British marathon runner, offers a good example of someone with a holistic attitude to health. She keeps herself physically fit, eating a balanced diet and exercising. She learns about different training strategies and has written books (intellectual) and is happily married (emotional), with a family and lots of friends, meeting people all over the world as she trains and competes (social). An example of someone who has a holistic view is my cousin because she goes to gym every day for an hour which helps her burn fat and become more active, this helps her physically. She attends university and has many friends, this helps her intellectually as she learns new things so she is increasing her knowledge, and also socially as she socializes with her friends and other people. She lives with her loving family, they encourage her to try new things, and this helps her emotionally. People that that have a holistic view will relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows us that everyone has the same basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes. If the most basic needs are not met, the person will not be able to move up the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy and holistic definition is very similar because it focuses at all aspects.Positive:Edexcel GCSE health and social care work book states the positive definition of health is ‘’based on the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability… it is positive because you realize there is something you can do to improve your health and do it. A positive definition of health and wellbeing is when a person has a positive out-look towards life and always looking to improve their state of health and wellbeing. However though some people may think if a person has a disability this will limit them in certain activities in life, so they will not lead a healthy life this is wrong as a positive definition of life can be based on the person’s attitude towards health not their restriction. For example if a person is in a wheel chair, they may feel as if they can’t do anything as they are always sitting down. A person with a positive definition of health may think ‘’ though I’m in a wheel chair I can still lead a healthy life my disabilitydoes not mean my life has to stop I can still do actives such as join a wheel chair basketball club and have an active life’’ Another example of someone is Fern Briton. Although she is attractive, quick-witted and extremely well liked, has a loving family and an excellent career, she realized that she would be physically fitter if she lost weight, which she did successfully. Negative definition: Edexcel GCSE health and social are states that a negative definition of health and wellbeing is based on ''the absence of physicall illness, diease and mental distress. it is negative because it is based on not having anything wrong with you'' A negative Defintion of health and wellbeing is when a person refuses to try to improve their helath and wellbeing, for example if a person states '' though i binge drink and smoke i look healthy as i am a size 8 so i dont need to excersice or need a balanced diet''. A negtive defintion of health and wellbeing is a consistant negative aproach and refusal to try to improve their health and wellbeing, this negativety can be prompted by a variety of reasons. For example if a person has been told they have to become paralyzed as a result of an accident tehy may think ''as i cannot move my legs, i can never maintain a healthy life style so there is no point going to physical theropy as i will never walk again''. Nevertheless, though a negative definition of health and wellbeing can cause many barriers for a person, a person's view point may be altered to become less pessimistic due to change in life style or out-look on life or shock in life. For example a person may lead to a unhelathy life style and become obese this may result to an heart attack, after a health scar, the person may choose to lead a more healthy lifestyle and looses weight. Conclusion:The difference between these three defintions is postive and negative look at a one sided point of view either the good or bad whereas holistic looks at the overall view of the situation (the good and the bad). For example a postive defintion of health is ''I've broken my leg, this doesnt mean my life should stop. I can still do my exams as i can write ''. A negative example is ''Ive broken my leg, this means i cant do my exams as i am inpain and cannot walk''. From the positive example you can see thsi is one sided as the person is not looking at the issue that tehy may find it hard to get into the exam hall. whereas from teh negative they are only looking at the fact that they are in pain not the fact that there are pain killers available to deal with the pain. However in the holistic defintion looks at the overall view ''Though i have broken my leg and it hurts (phyicall) i can take pain killers for the pain and still do my exams ( intellctual) though i may feel a bit silly walking into a eaxam room limping (emotional) i can talk to teh school about my concerns and see what they can do (socail)'' This looks at all sides of the issue and is not just one sided. Social Construction:Social construction is something invented by members of a culture or society, that exists because people agree to behave as if it exists. One example is social status. Social construction is about the way that factors such as your social class, religion, gender, sexuality; race, ethnicity and education determine your experience of reality and affect what your life is like on a today basic. For example woman lives longer than men, but are more likely to seek medical attention and have higher levels self-reported illness. Social status is when the honor or prestige attached to a person’s position: for example, doctors and other professional are considered to have high social status; someone’s position or rank within a group or society. Social class is where someone comes in a hierarchy of groups within a society: for example, working class, middle class and upper class, as determined by a person’s occupation, education and income. Culture can affect the way you’re socially constructed, as some people may have to change some things in their culture to fit into other cultures. For example someone who comes to England from India will have to learn how to adapt in the new environment. They may want to dress in a different way to fit in the new environment. They may stop wearing traditional dresses and may start to wear jeans instead. This will make them feel more comfortable in the environment and it will make them want to socialize with other people with different cultures. This will affect their health and wellbeing positively because they understand that they will need to change the way they dress to make it easier for them to fit in the community, so it will make them feelmore comfortable around people and will raise their self-esteem. They may also want to learn how to speak English so they can communicate with people that speak English. Learning English will help them to adapt to the environment around them, which will make it easier for them to socialize with people from different cultures and it will also increase their knowledge. Also, because the person is from a different place their accents are different. However a person that just comes into England from Poland may feel different because they do not have an English accent. They begin to attend an ESOL course which can help improve their English. This will help them communicate with other people much easier as their accents will improve and people will find it much easier to understand them. This means a person has a positive view of health and wellbeing because some people will not want to socialize with people they talk in a different way, however as people are using their time wisely trying to learn English in an advanced way, this shows that they are trying to improve their knowledge and make it easier for them to socialize. Time can affect the way a person’s socially constructed. Back in the days people used to believe that it was healthy for a baby to cry. However, nowadays when a bay cries people assumes that they are unhealthy and needs something. For example: nappy changing, food, sleep etc. This means their views on health and wellbeing are positive, as they are trying to improve the health of the baby, so every time the baby cries they will go and check what is wrong with the baby so they will try to resolve the issue, but back in the days they would of left the baby to continue crying as they believed it was something a baby just did.Factors affecting the individual health and wellbeing:Physical factor:Physical factor can affect Claire positively, negatively or holistically. Physical factor can be broken down into various groups.Inheritance:Many disease are inherited which means they are passed down from generation to generation. One example is haemophilia, which only affect males. It means that
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blood doesn’t clot. A male with this disease would have to ensure he doesn’t cut himself, because he could bleed to death. As a result, he may decide to avoid tackling do-it-yourself jobs at home, taking part in contactsports or having a job that involves sharp objects, such as knives and spades.Disability and illness:When an individual has a disease, they become ill, some people can even become disabled because of their disease. People with disabilities have to find ways to cope with their everyday situation, while people who have no disability will be able to do so easily. Some people ...

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