Looking at how Social Learning theory and Humanistic approaches are different and also their similarities when it comes to health and social care.

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Comparing psychological approaches.

Social learning theory- Humanistic.

 Looking at how Social Learning theory and Humanistic approaches are different and also there similarity’s when it comes to health and social care. Looking at social Learning theory Albert Bandura believed that our lives where programmed by other peoples behaviours we watch them and copy them, for example in Primary school a child who has challenging behaviour may see a child being rewarded for good behaviour, the child with the challenging behaviour may desire that praise and change their behaviour so they can also be praised for similar behaviour. Bandura believed that majority of our activities especially in our younger years where copied from others behaviours. Within the humanistic theory Maslow believes that we look not just at the small picture but also the larger one. For example in the same scenario above within a Primary School one child with challenging behaviours the other child being praised Maslow would believe that the reason for the child’s behaviour for changing would be for the belonging part of his Hierarchy. Although in both circumstances child change their actions in comparisons the reason behind the child changing the behaviour is different. They reason for the Social Learning Theory and the child changing their behaviour is that they desire the praise that the other child has been given, whereas with humanistic the child would have changed their behaviour to feel integrated within the class rather than separated. In one case the child would be looking to copy others behaviour this is the Social Learning Theory, in the other Humanistic the child actions are more selfish, and reaching their own goals.

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Evaluation of the Social Learning theory and my person opinions on this theory is that although in a respect it may be right that children copy adults and others behaviours the child may become self-efficient in changing behaviour also when concerning adults in the theory they are less easy to be lead. Not many adults have role models someone they inspire to be where as children will, they look up to adults and celebrates also superhero’s but when you become a teenager you change you relies you can never me ‘superman’ as super hero’s aren’t real they are fictional therefore ...

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Good examples given to illustrate the differences between Humanistic & Social Learning theory. However poor grammar makes some of the points difficult to understand. The last few sentences need to be re-worded in more academic terms. 3/5