Strategies and procedures used in health and social care.

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Unit 11 m1

Strategies and  procedures used in health and social care.

Sector guidance

They are guide line set to ensure that vulnerable adult are taken care of to the best of the guidelines ability .This are given to the employs to enforce in their work place .

The Department of Health’s ‘No Secrets’ guidance is a key document that sets out guidance for inter-agency working led by social services. This mean the all the agency like social serves NHS and other agency alike share information to insure that they help keep everyone safe . e.g. if  a patient come to the hospital with unexplained injuries the NHS is forced to share this information with social service to investigate the harm that has happen to the individual . By doing this it help  for agencies to set up care plan on individual and help keep them safe from harm and to prevent abuse from happening .

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Safeguarding adult: These are set of standards set up, defined as service model or way of delivery services. This is to make sure that the service given is up to quality standard

Human right in health and social care are service forces on delivery service to people without   taking away their rights e.g. cur lute, values, religion.

 Multi agency

To ensure that the proper care is given to an individual an multi agency plan would have to be in place .This is made to ensure that a line of communication is open between GPs  and care worker and ...

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