This is my Autobiography, this is all about my life, My family, My friends, My best memories and My worst memories. The thing that I like, the things I don't like. My Hobbies, my ambition .

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This is my Autobiography, this is all about my life, My family, My friends, My best memories and My worst memories. The thing that I like, the things I don’t like. My Hobbies, my ambition .The happiest moment of my life, and the sad moments of my life. The Country, which I’m come from, and my culture, and my life in my country. The people I meet in this country, the things I’m surprised about this country people and the culture.

My name is Atputha. I’m 14 years old .My hobbies are Reading Books, watching T.V, playing netball, playing video games and playing games with my father. My worst memories are snake and my teacher in srilanka, because when I was 6 I killed a snake with my bike wheel, I’ll never forgot this In my life and my teacher, she was really strict with us, one day I haven’t done my homework, so she hit me with the ruler 10 times in my hands.

        My best memories are my last day in srilnaka and my birth day, because I spend one day with my friends, we went to cinema, restaurant, beach, and my birthday, because my dad buy me a bike for my 10th birthday and I went to trip to temple for 1 day.

        My ambition is to be a Doctor, because I’m interesting in know about new things in my life and I want to help my country peoples.

        I’m good at Netball, Badminton and Art. I’m not very good at English. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science, Art, Geography and German. I hate English more then other subjects, because I’m always forgot every thing they teach me, when they ask me in the class, I can’t speak so,my teacher hit me or shout at me in srilanka, and I’m not good at grammar as well.

        I enjoy reading lots of books, playing games and talking wit my friends, who are in srilanka ,I’m always phoned to my friends and talk with them for one hour every month.        

I don’t like people talking bad things about my family; my friends and I hate people talking in rude words. I hate my English teacher, she always talk in rude words with all the people and she shouted to peoples in front of the whole class .I’m interested in Art, Netball, Music, Maths, Playing and reading. I’m bored of my family sometimes, because they ask me to come to visit, I hate visiting other people houses and I don’t like to talk with the people that I never met in my life.

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        The countries I like to visit are India, Malaysia, Swaziland and Australia, and my favourite tourist places are whales in England. Ooty in India. I love watching films and playing keyboards.

        My friends in srilanka, Rathiga, Mythily, Anitha, Kalyani, they are my friends in srilanka. I spend lots of time with them, me, rathiga, mythily, Anitha and Kalyani study in one school, we always met in the lunch time and we play in the ground and we go back to houses together, then we met in the tuition, then we go back to houses together. After I went to home, ...

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