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What are the rights and responsibilities of a family member?

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2) What are the rights and responsibilities of a family member? Every organization has rights and responsibilities in the world today. The family is no exception, for every member of the family have rights and responsibilities. Many people think of privileges, as being rights but there is a difference between the two. To truly understand the difference we must know the definition of the word 'right'. A right is 'something to which one has just or lawful claim', so you see it is not a privilege. A responsibility, unlike a right, is 'something for which one is responsible.' It is the duty of every individual of a family to carry out all of his responsibilities. The most important responsibility of the parent is to provide four of the five essential needs of life, i.e.: warmth, shelter, food and water. ...read more.


According to 'The Family Rights Act', both parents have the right to associate equally with their children and participate in their lives free of government interference. This means that both parents can be with their child and share in their special moments without the government trying to stop them................ Even after the parents are divorced. It is imperative that a child knows about his rights and responsibilities. Why is this so important? As children learn about their rights they also learn about the rights and freedoms of others and as their self - respect grows so does their respect for others. For example they may understand that they have the right to express their views but they also have the responsibility of not hurting others while doing so. A child has the right to a family that protects and supports him and the responsibility of learning about and respecting their parents, values, and cultures. ...read more.


No one is to try to dissuade him from fulfilling his dream. Another right that a child has that is very important is, the right to a good education. Children should not be kept from learning all they can. For, today money has become very important in the survival of every human being. To receive money the legal way, a person needs a job, and all respectable jobs look for employees that have a high level of education. Responsibilities teach a child how to be both reliable and responsible, two qualities that are very important in one's life. The rights and responsibilities of family members play a vital role within the family. If one member decides not to fulfill his right or responsibility the family can become very disorganized. The choice of whether or not to fulfill these rights and responsibilities will affect their family's development, both economically and socially. This is a choice that should not be taken lightly. ...read more.

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