Chronology of WW2

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Chronology of WW2


* Hitler invades Poland on 1 September. Britain and France declare war on Germany two days later. Hitler was confident that Britain and France would not actually do anything to defend Poland and he was right. He also thought that he could get Britain and France to agree to a peace deal with him rather than continue the war. So he took no action against them. Although there was small scale and cautions fighting, this period from September 1939 to March 1940 is known as the ‘Phoney War’. Hitler pioneers his new tactic of Blitzkrieg, or lighting war. This involved shock tactics and its aim was to paralyse the enemy by using up-to-date technology and high mobility.
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* Rationing starts in the UK.

* German 'Blitzkrieg' overwhelms Belgium, Holland. This provided Hitler naval bases to ensure that Germany couldn’t be hemmed in by the British navy as in WW1.

* Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Britain.

* Hitler invaded France, however instead of going through Belgium, the main part of his army cut through the Ardennes forest. This was meant to be impassable but the German tanks could get through. Hitler tricked the Allies that he was going through Belgium and even managed to get them to advance into Belgium. ...

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