Does the evidence of source C support the evidence of sources A and B about Jarrow?

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Does the evidence of source C support the evidence of sources A and B about Jarrow?

  Source C shows a photograph taken in Jarrow in 1932, it shows unemployed men. The photograph has the following views. It shows unemployed men wandering around with nothing to do. They look bored. I would say that these men would have worked at Palmers Shipyard. The closure of the shipyard would have left them unemployed and without the prospect of a job due to the Wall Street Crash. There were terrible effects after the Wall Street Crash as it lead to extreme unemployment in towns like Jarrow, where they relied on the Shipyard for jobs. As they ships weren’t needed to transport goods they were shutdown.

  Source C supports Source A because source C shows a photograph of unemployed men. In source A it says ‘‘There was no prospect of a job’’ which means that he was unemployed and was unlikely to find a job. There were many people in the photograph so the source tells me that many people were unemployed. This supports source A as in source A the author says ‘’Then in 1931 everything went bankrupt and we in Jarrow had to suffer for it’’. This means that many people had to suffer; obviously many people had lost their jobs. The photograph was taken in 1932 which was around the time that the description of Jarrow was written, it was a year after author said that everything had gone bankrupt.

  You can see that the men in source C are unemployed because they are wearing their own clothes. As they are not dressed in work clothes they are most likely to be unemployed. The source tells me that they are poor as I can see a man with trousers that are too small for him. This relates to what source A tells me as in source A it says ‘’We patched up all our clothes as did all the others’’. This tells me that they did not have enough money to buy new clothes when they became too small or ripped. This suggests that they were too poor to buy essentials such as food and clothes.

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  In source C it states that these men are unemployed with no income and no way of buying food and clothes. This supports source A as in source A it says ‘’Often my wife and I went without a meal on Sunday in order to feed the children’’. This is hinting that they have no money, as they can’t even afford to buy enough food. If they often go without a meal on Sunday they are likely to be unemployed.

  From source C I can see that no shops are open. This suggests that everyone ...

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