Explain the appeal of Nazi policies.

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 Nazi’s Policies

The National Socialist party has many reforms, which will assist Germany in becoming a world leading nation once more, unlike other political parties which aim to make gains for themselves whilst disadvantaging the true heart of Germany, its people. We have many policies which will help us make Germany great once more, Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, has laid out many reasons for Germany’s political upheaval and he has decided to run for election so that he can save Germany and make it great once more. Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, has already published 25 point that we will lead us to power and it is important that the key points are revisited

The Problems and How we’ll Solve Them

Democracy - the instability that this democracy has heaped upon us is infinite. Remember the times of the Kaiser where Germany’s economy boomed, the country blossomed in the industrial sector and the nation’s poverty rate was next to nothing. Poverty was a rarity until the democracy came along and made it a certainty for the hard working middle class. The democracy that Germany now stands under has made the rich even richer but has damaged everyone else. Not to mention, this pathetic group of arrogant, lazy and egotistical dictators (under the pretence of rights and equality), calling themselves Germany’s government destroying our country from within. They are poisoning our insides, they have only one aim and that it is to destroy Germany and make themselves rich off of it.

However, we have a solution to this democratic problem, Der Fuhrer doesn’t want to abolish people’s rights, and he isn’t a man of lies either. And the National Socialist party knows that it can help resurrect Germany and still give the people of Germany equality, rights and freedom. Should the party be elected, we can destroy and rebuild the current flawed government, we can get the iconic image of Hitler to lead us by giving him the power he needs to do so, and he will inevitably make the people of Germany feel secure again knowing that you are in the right hands.  

The Jews – Chief of all our problems are the Jews. They have plotted against the state and infiltrated all the banks and our government and they are the reason we have a corrupt unenviable government. The party has identified these before all other parties and has noticed their doings very closely, our taxes have being going to them, they, along with the key members of the Reichstag have challenged the power of the German people. They are planning to make Germany their own, like they have tried many times in their history. Furthermore, the Jews have used their spies and so on to weaken Germany so that they can take over, but they are not the only sub-human species attempting to destroy the German Aryan race. The communists are just as involved and they seem to be adamant that they can take over Germany like they did Russia – we are all sure that you don’t want revolutions and turmoil like there is in Russia and so unlike other parties we are ready to destroy them.  

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To stop this, like the many civilisations that crushed rebellions, we must crush the potential Jewish uprising, and we must rid the nation of any racially different people as they are all plotting against the true inhabitants of Germany. We must crush all the opposition, and the National Socialist party are more than willing to fight for Germany’s every cause and it will do anything to make Germany the perfect nation that it can be by eradicating those Jews – Hence we will maintain our anti-Semitic view even if we come into power, unlike other parties which lie into power. ...

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