How did Mao ze Dung and Deng Xieoping contribute to the history of China?

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Question 1 – Draft                                               Kurtis Sheppard

Before the year 1911 China was ruled over by emperors. The emperors believed that China was superior to all other countries; they believed that they were the best, just because they were in the middle of the world.

In 1911, the emperors were overthrown and replaced. Rebels overthrew them because they wouldn’t allow China to modernise and advance. Following this, parties struggled for the support of the Chinese people. Eventually, the Chinese Communist party (CCP) and Mao Ze Dong were victorious in 1935. This was because the CCP supported all peasants, which made up 70% of all the Chinese population.

        While Mao was in power, he did many things that greatly improved the quality of living for most people in China. Mao especially improved the lives of women. Arranged marriages and child marriages were both made illegal. Mao also made the killing of female babies illegal along with bigamy. Husband and wives jointly owned any property rather than the man owning it alone.

        Mao also greatly improved health and hygiene within China. Before Mao had taken over China, over 4 million Chinese people died from infectious diseases such as typhus, plague, small pox, TB and malaria. Because of this a health scheme was launched by Mao to educate the peasants in cleanliness and hygiene. A vaccination programme was set up. Chinese houses had regular inspections to see if their house was cleaned correctly. This encouraged the inhabitants to clean there house and make it tidy.

Also, Mao created a pension scheme to compensate all old people who weren’t able to work. This helped them to go on living without being forced to work. Pension schemes are often used today all over the world in developed countries, this shows that Mao had good developed ideas.

To help the peasants, which he had promised, Mao set up a collected agriculture system. Each peasant grew as many crops as they could and once finished, all crops that had been grown was split between everyone. This meant that everyone had the same amount of food and everyone could live to the same standard.

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Before 1949 many Chinese were uneducated. Mao and the CCP wanted to change this for three reasons; so that people could develop their talents for their own benefit; so China would have an educated work force; so that they could train people with the ideas of Communism.

There is evidence of Mao’s work in the 21’st century, as in China today, women are treated equally to men exactly how Mao had wanted. Mao also wanted people to be treated with care and in 2009, the government pays for hospital fees and also working hours are shorter than many other ...

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