How far do you think that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair on Germany?

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How far do you think that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair on Germany

The Treaty of Versailles was considered a ‘treaty of the people’ as it entailed the liberation of both small and large countries. It achieved a compromise between the three main allied leaders and set up the first organisation for world peace. However after only 20 years, this so called peace resulted in WW2. A determining factor in this second war occurring was the treatment of Germany, which raises the question whether the Treaty was unfair to Germany and what caused them to want revenge just 20 years later.

After losing the War, the Kaiser fled Germany, leaving a new government to manage a country in collapse with huge debts and shortages. Despite the fact that they did not take Germany into the war, this was the government that had to sign the treaty. This treaty was punishing the wrong people. The treaty should have tried to build up the fragile, newly elected government, but instead it was knocked back before it even started.
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The one clause that angered the Germans the most in the Treaty of Versailles was the ‘War Guilt Clause’. This entailed that Germany had to admit that it was their fault that the war started and was responsible for all the deaths in the war. This was then used to justify the reparations. This was unfair as Germany were not the only country to blame for the war (although modern day historians agree that it was mostly Germany’s fault).

The Treaty was also unfair as the allies demanded reparations but through The League of Nations (which Germany ...

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