How far was Roosevelt responsible for his election victory in 1932? Explain your answer.

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2. How far was Roosevelt responsible for his election victory in 1932? Explain your answer.

In the 1920’s Franklin Roosevelt felt that he wanted to become President of the United States as he had had a glimpse of the power and authority after becoming Governor of New York. This essay will evaluate how far Roosevelt actually fought to become President and the factors that were only contributed by Roosevelt, as the America was in dire need of a new President. Although he helped himself out a lot by creating a good strong campaign, the election was also handed to him, as the Americans wanted a new President quickly, so that they could get rid of there existing President, Herbert Hoover, who struggled to try and overcome the depression.

        First, Franklin Roosevelt had already had past experience in the political world. He had been a popular Governor of New York and carried out fair policies. This was a good start for Roosevelt and helped him out a lot in his campaign as it gave the Americans an example of what he would be like as President and created supporters for himself in New York.

        He also ran a well-organised, energetic election backed by wealthy citizens who offered the USA hope. This showed his determination to put all of his energy and be full of enthusiasm in his campaign, which would show the American citizens how powerful he would be as President, as he would put all of his heart and soul into helping the USA. It also gave the Americans something to believe in, as he had wealthy backers, these made this factor and ‘other’ factor as Roosevelt was helped out and did not fully persuade the public on his own. This meant that if he was President these backers could support the countries economy, therefore the Americans felt like this was a good move and they could live a good life again.

        Roosevelt’s character also played a big part in helping him become President and achieving the Americans support. This was because when he made speeches or went around states, he flaunted and built on his good caring nature, by helping people out etc. This therefore made the ordinary Americans affectionate toward Roosevelt and felt that he would care for them and put them in a better position.

        His character was again shown, as he was regarded as truthful to the public and not ashamed to show his true colours. This was because he was not afraid to ask for help and advice from economists, factory owners, unionists and exports. This made him seem normal and down to earth to the public, like he was a friend more then their President. It also showed them that he would not keep any secrets and anything that needed doing would be done in front of the public so that everybody could help to make the country stronger and more powerful.

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        Furthermore, he held a strong campaign. He would tour the country gaining support and had first hand experiences. Also giving speeches at any possible chance e.g. on trains, and in streets. This showed his determination and will to succeed, as he would go to great lengths (travel the country) to get what he wanted. This reflected to the Americans what he would be like when he was President, therefore they felt that he would do all that he could to dig them out of bad situations and lead them into good ones.

        Also, Roosevelt’s policies proved to be a hit ...

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