Martin Luther King.

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                                        Martin Luther King.

   Martin Luther King jnr was born on the 15th January 1929. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin lived with his mother, father, Martin Luther King senior and his brothers and sisters. They all lived in a nice family home and their lived were perfect apart from one major detail. The problem was that they lived in an area where most of the citizens were white and in this area the white’s thought the blacks were not as good as them. The city of Atlanta was at the southern part of the United States.

   Martin first found out about how hard life was for black citizens at the tender age of six years. He was forced to break the friendship he has built with two of his best friends because they all had to attend different schools. This was all down to the fact that Martin had brown skin and his friends had white. Martin was being discriminated against.

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   Once Martin and his father walked in a shoe shop and sat down on the first row of chairs. The shop assistant told them that she could not serve them because they were black people sitting in the seats of black people. She also said that if Martin and his father were to move into the back seats she would be happy to help. Martins father did not understand any of this and would not co-operate because he thought she was in the wrong. In the end both father and son walked out of the shop. On another occasion ...

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