Martin Luther King and civil rights.

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MUQADDASA IRAM CHAUDHRYCANDIDATE NO: 3054 COURSEWORK 2 CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT done. Nine black students were blocked from entering the school on the orders of Governor Orval Faubas. President Eisenhower sent federal troops and the National Guard to intervene on the behalf of the students, who became the ‘Little Rock Nine’         Divisions over how to gain more civil rights began because of blacks and their socio economic positions and their experiences. This is the reason why black communities disagreed amongst themselves. Blacks had different opinions. Some blacks thought they could achieve more civil rights by acting as non-violence, however, some blacks thought they could gain more civil rights by acting with violence.         The older blacks thought they could achieve much more by acting as
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non-violence. They thought this because in the 1950’s much was achieved using non-violence, this meant it was a sensible policy to continue with. Civil disobedience and non-violence had shown how racist and violent whites in the USA were. By continuing with this policy the blacks could win sympathy from whites and blacks and they could push for legal form. The well-educated blacks that had managed to achieve under the current system in the USA felt they must continue to work within the system to achieve change, this meant they must be non-violent. Black non- violence allowed white people to support ...

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