The Treaty of Versailles was the main cause of the outbreak of World War Two To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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The Treaty of Versailles was the main cause of the outbreak of World War Two              To what extent do you agree with this statement?

I agree with this statement to a certain extent. The treaty of Versailles only provoked revenge from the German nation. The humiliation of war guilt and the reparations charges were a bitter end to the Germans exit from World War One. A proud military country that was brought to its knees, ordered to disarm and hand back hard fought land. The fourteen points were unfair and written in British and French anger at the upsetting loss of life. A way of ensuring a long-term peace, better relations but instead went the opposite way of stirring up hatred however it was not the only cause of the outbreak, other key developments at least sped up and contributed to the onset of World War Two.

The League of Nations that was set up for failure. I think that it was a false sense of security to the public. Media talk of its booming success when it was most vulnerable. Lack of key support from America and other key countries and the financial support that would bring it was almost powerless. Actions taken where not viable, a warning was little more that a slap on the wrist and the restriction of trade would effect British markets at the time of depression and the use of military force was not reasonable with the time scale. The league took to long making decisions that lead to Japans success in Manchuria and the crisis in Abyssinia, a sign of weakness and poor stability.

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Appeasement is a cowardly way of giving into demands in the hope there will be no further retaliations. Appeasement played into Hitler’s hands, he increased demands and as he stakes grew so did his confidence. His calculated gamble in the Rhineland 1936 where he deployed troops to re-establish a military presence was unopposed but had France and Britain taken action there is a strong argument that World War Two would not have started. During the three meetings with Chamberlain in 1937-1938 Hitler gained control of key areas including the Sunderland that set him up in 1939 to take the ...

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