The Treaty of Versailles is the most significant cause of World War Two. Discuss

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Treaty Of Versailles is the most significant cause of WWII

Hitler’s Actions and the Involvement of the TOV

Hitler was voted into power because of the fact that there were extreme situations happening in Germany at the time. Germany then voted for a more extreme leader with extreme measures to cope with the situation.

The Weimar Republic, which was a democratic government, was in power after World War One. However, this government was not accepted by its people because of the poor living conditions that had followed. The poor standard of living brought about opposition to the Weimar Republic. The opposition consisted of ultra-nationalistic right winged parties such as the Freikorps and the Nazi party that would soon follow. These parties aimed to rebuild Germany into the great nation it had once been, during the rule of the Kaiser. Eventually, ultra-nationalistic leader Adolf Hitler rose to power and was determined to restore Germany.

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How did Germany sink down to the depths it was experiencing? It was the effects of the Treaty of Versailles. The reparations clause as well as the confiscation of land that contained heavy industry had severely weakened Germany’s economic stance. Making matters worse, France had invaded Germany when Germany defaulted on its debts. The results of strikes and printing of more money further deteriorated the situation. Germany now suffered hyperinflation. Poverty spread throughout the country and was unable to be solved for several years.

 Though the situation was eventually controlled, the suffering had not disappeared from the people. German citizens ...

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