Was the New Deal A Success?

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) People supported Roosevelt in 1932 election because he was positive, energetic and made the American people feel good. He was full of good news, or at least how good things would be if he were to be elected. He made it out to be a crusade, and not just one for him, one for the people. He almost made them feel that they were electing themselves, not Franklin. D. Roosevelt. He promised the Americans a new deal. He really made the American people believe that he was going to make everything all right again. They trusted him greatly.

Another reason for him getting elected was because of the opposition. The opposition was Hoover. Many Americans felt he was to blame to the depression, and to top it all he wasn't even acknowledging that there was actually a problem. People weren't going to vote for someone who had made their lives awful, probably the only votes he did get was from the rich industrialists, whom he had helped. Hoover just put forward the argument that businesses work in cycles of boom and bust and that prosperity would soon return. That was his solution to the problem. He didn't help the people who needed help, he didn't believe social security was the responsibility of the government. Many Americans felt he was heartless.

Roosevelt was the complete opposite to Hoover. He believed in an active government, he had plans to spend money on the needy, and he was more than happy to ask for advice, unlike Hoover who felt he knew best.

Roosevelt was a man of the people, the people choice, he filled them with hope, and anything was better than the alternative.

2) The photo is of a line of black people queuing for government relief on front of a poster made by the government. The poster is of a white family driving in a car all smiles, with the slogan 'There's no way like the American way'.

The photographer is trying to show the hypocrisy of the government. In those days the blacks had life a lot worse then the whites. The depression hit them extremely hard.

In 1937 there was a recession. This damaged Roosevelt badly. A lot more republicans got into congress, making it harder for him to get his bills through, and people were losing faith in him. He also laid of a lot people who his organizations employed - a lot of them were black workers.

The photographer is also trying to make the point of there being very little racial equality in America - he's pretty much calling the government racist (black people in front of a 'white mans' poster).
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3) Source E is a Cartoon from an American newspaper. It shows Roosevelt working a pump to get the economy going again. Into the pump he keeps pouring millions of the taxpayers money. The pump is also very leaky.

This cartoon isn't really for Roosevelt. Its saying that he's wasting millions of dollars of the taxpayer's money. The cartoonist is saying that Roosevelt is doing a bad job, he's wasting taxpayer's money trying to get the economy going again. The cartoonist is possibly a republican, and he's definitely not a fan of Roosevelt. The taxpayer is holding ...

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