Who were more effective in gaining women rights, suffragists? Or suffragettes?

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How effective were the suffragists and suffragettes?

I believe the suffragists and suffragettes were only effective to an extent when split into individual groups, however when grouped together their different techniques were far more effective as they show both responsibility and determination which was necessary to get the votes. In addition, the fact that both groups have different supporters varying from lowers class citizens who supported the suffragettes to higher class citizens which mainly supported the suffragists. This range of people meant that their cause was having a greater effect because the rich and powerful people for example, David Lloyd George, who in 1916 was prime minister of the United Kingdom was in support for women votes and contributed more for the votes than not so powerful people.

The suffragists were considered responsible people when in protest to women’s rights; they caused a glimmer of hope as they set forth a bill to let women have votes. Although this bill was passed and rejected 15 times and yet Herbert Asquith; prime minister at the time promised women rights. This failure of the suffragists was also evident by the fact that women were even further away from getting rights as shown by how 4 million men were getting the votes. This just proved how unfair the system was.

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On the other hand, it could be argued that at the time, they were more effective by having a less direct approach to gain women’s rights. They peacefully protested in the streets for the notion that they were to get the rights. However, the way suffragists campaigned meant the government found it easier and easier to ignore them and just stick with their previous assumption that women are second class citizens and are not capable of self-governing themselves.

In comparison, the suffragettes used this against them and had a more direct impact, and they tried to show that just by ...

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