Why did the Nazis have little success before 1930?

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Why did the Nazis have little success before 1930?

Between 1924 and 1929, after the Munich Putsch in 1923, the Nazis had very little political success. After Hitler had completed his sentence of nine months in prison, he decided to try to feign power through the democratic system which was in place, and, once in power, to overthrow this system and restore Germany to a dictatorship. However, this new approach was not successful until the 1930's and the Nazi party had no electoral breakthrough - for many years it was the smallest party in the Reichstag, having even fewer seats than the Communists.

One important factor in the Nazi's lack of success was the failure of the Munich Putsch. In the Munich Putsch, Hitler had attempted to take power and overthrow the government by force. The failed Putsch gave the Nazis the appearance of being violent revolutionaries and law-breakers. They appeared to promote street violence which was not popular with most people, who supported law and order. Another effect of the Putsch was that Hitler was no longer able to give public speeches as this was part of his sentence. This had a large impact on the Nazi party because Hitler's speeches had been one of the main attractions of the Nazi party. Hitler was seen by many to be a very powerful orator and so, without his speeches, the party lost a lot of power.
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Another problem was that Hitler's image and ideas were unpopular in this period, decreasing the appeal of the Nazi party. Many people thought that he looked comical, and his appearance was often compared to that of Charlie Chaplin because of his moustache. His voice was harsh, having been damaged by mustard gas in the First World War, which caused many to think that his speech seemed crazed. Although some thought his words were powerful, many people saw it a sign of lunacy and instability. Also his racist ideas - that Aryans were a master race and all other ...

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