Why did William win the battle of Hastings?

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Why did William win the battle of Hastings?

William won the Battle of Hastings in 1066. I think that he won because of his planning and leadership but many other people think that he won because of his luck and a big, strong army. It could be possible that all of them played a part in William's victory at the Battle of Hastings.

Planning helped William a lot because he knew that if he made Harold Godwinson and his Saxon army travel from the north of England to the south of England, where the Normans had set their camp up, then the Saxons would be very tired whilst the Normans would be rested. He also knew that once the bad winds had stopped, his army could cross safely without the Saxons to stop them for they were in the north of England fighting Harold Hadrada. This was also to do with luck. Whilst the battle was going on, William thought up a plan. He ordered his men to pretend to retreat down the hill and used the rumour of him being dead to help him as well.

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William's leadership and skill helped him a lot because he commanded his men very well and had an army eager to fight. William kept control all the through the battle by speaking to his troops and fighting at the front. He had also gotten the pope, Alexander II to support him. William was given a banner from the pope saying that William's attack on England was a holy crusade.

Harold Godwinson had also shown great skill because he had positioned his men on Senlac hill, which made it harder for the Normans to get to them, and commanded his men ...

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