Get Up,Get Moving Evaluation of my multimedia promotions of a fitness campaign.

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I wanted to create a logo that was easy to view and was still interesting and that it had a purpose to it. Originally I made my logo an animated GIF because I thought it would make the logo stand out and more interesting due it being eye catching. I didn’t like this idea because the animation wasn’t smooth and it didn’t show any link to my get up get moving brief, so I decided to make it a JPEG image instead because this was easier to view and wasn’t over complicated and hard to follow. I decided to make the background black to show that my get up get moving programme was classy and serious even though it was aimed at nearly all ages. Black is fairly easy to view as well and it shows the company as being very formal and important. I had and animated picture of a person running to related the logo back to the get up get moving campaign and this also showed, at a quick glance, that the company/ campaign was about getting people activity and trying to help people lose weight and become healthier. My logo is suited for its audience as it is simple to understand and gets the message across quickly for my get up and get moving campaign. The purpose of my logo is to promote the Get Up, Get Moving campaign and to be used on variety of other tools and content which I created so that the user can identify that the product they are using is from the Get Up, Get Moving project. My logo was easy to adapt which allowed me to easily use it on content for example when using my logo on my website.  The feedback I got from test buddies was that my logo was very informative and it was easy to tell that it was a part of the get up get moving programme. I was also told that the colour scheme was good because it looked formal and classy. I was told that I could improve my work by adding in the person running, which I did, this emphasized that the logo was linked to the get up get moving campaign. I liked this suggestion because it was just a simple change and it made a lot of difference to my logo. After I acted on my feedback I asked my test buddy for his views and thoughts and he really liked the changes I had made.

Multimedia Quiz

I wanted my quiz to test the knowledge of the person taking part in it. I made sure the questions were set at my target audience so they wouldn’t be too easy or too hard for the person taking part in my quiz. My quiz had a black background following on from my logo and the text was burnt pink so it would stand out from my black background. This also made my quiz interesting and enjoyable due to a relaxing, fun theme. I added in a transition between every slide so it was more fluent and the transfers were smooth and so they looked professional. I created my own hyperlinked buttons so I could move between slides with ease, this was an easy way of making the quiz look professional, I made sure all of my hyperlinks worked before I finished my quiz, I checked that you could only use the action buttons to move through the quiz. I made sure that all of the transitions worked correctly and they were smooth and easy to follow. I also made sure I used my logo on every slide so people knew that the quiz was a part of my get up, get moving campaign. Throughout the quiz I entered fun and interesting facts about the question the person was answering. Sometimes these facts gave helpful hints, helping people answer the questions that were being put to them. I added an image to every slide, which I put into the sources table, this was also linked to the question/ topic in hand. I made sure I recorded them in the sources table with their links so I could find them again if I needed them later on during the campaign. To improve I was recommend to insert sounds to make the quiz more enjoyable and interactive. I wanted to make the quiz as interesting as possible and I also wanted to create a welcoming appeal, so I tried putting in sound effects but I thought the sound effects weren’t up to the quality I needed them to be. As a result I didn’t use the sound effects because I thought it would have been better to leave them out and not use something that may cause my quiz to lose its quality.

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My spread sheet model is suited for the target audience as the information is laid out in an organised way- personal details, activity plan, predicted weight and menu. The purpose of the spread sheet model is to provide the user with an action plan on what they need to do, to become healthier and more active. I made sure the colour scheme was easy on the eye and wasn’t too bright and off putting. Although to start with I only used one colour so I asked my test buddy for feedback and they said I should try and more ...

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