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GCSE: Hardware

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  1. A computer system consists of hardware and software.

    Under the mouse is a ball, which rolls as the mouse is moved. This movement of he ball causes two shafts to rotate inside the mouse; one shaft records the movement in the north-south direction and the other shaft records the east-west movement. When the screen pointer is over a0n icon or menu selection, the mouse button can be clicked, double clicked or dragged to activate a process. Some mice have a small wheel as well as the buttons. The function of the wheel depends on the software being used on the computer; in a document, it can allow the

    • Word count: 2187
  2. Input and output.

    disadvantages: they are more expensive. On most computers, a keyboard is the primary text input device. The keyboard also contains certain standard function keys, such as the Escape key, tab and cursor movement keys, shift and control keys, and sometimes other manufacturer-customized keys. QWERTY Keyboard A standard keyboard named after the first six letters in the top row. This keyboard was actually designed to slow down typists who kept jamming the early mechanical typewriters. Now everyone still uses the less-efficient QWERTY keyboards because, as the saying goes, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

    • Word count: 1623
  3. Software Piracy.

    It is also legal to sell copies, or 'backups' of data you own to other people that own the original too. End of story." (Smith) Many forms of piracy are practiced around the world Microsoft (2003) lists them as such: * End-user Copying: This is the basic copying of software for use by other people. It also includes casual swapping of software with friends. * Counterfeiting: This is larger scale end-user copying. Sometimes linked to organised crime, the techniques used are so sophisticated that the people who unknowingly buy the pirated software cannot tell the difference.

    • Word count: 1602
  4. How compact disc read only memory works.

    or EIDE (Electronic Data Interchange Enhanced) interface. CD-ROM drives have become a common componet on the computer, this allows a vast range of software to be delivered to the CD-ROM and can run many other programs such as databases, programs, and games. They are run directly off the CD-ROM drive. A person can find thousands of games, books or a set of encyclopedias on the CDs along with software application, presentations, and other multi-media programs. These all are available on CD-ROM.

    • Word count: 3226
  5. I am going to create a macro that will allow Mr Gascoigne's company, (Shoes 'n all) to insert a different response into a template letter, so that the letter will contain the necessary information appropriate for the use.

    5. A slogan that will appear in the footer. I first created a simple letter and put in '<' where information will be inserted. (See first of documents) On the same document but on a different page I created the responses that will eventually be the different macros. (See second of documents) I then saved the document as a '.dot' file, as this then becomes the master copy. Once they were created I had to start recording a macro. I went to, file-> new and opened a blank document.

    • Word count: 892
  6. What is hardware?

    The standard mouse comprises casing, buttons and base. As technology has developed, the mouse has evolved from its original design and now come in different styles to suit different requirements. Scanner This is an input device that reads words or graphics from a printed page and translates the pattern of light and dark (or colour) into a digital signal the computer can store and manipulate. The most common scanner is the flatbed scanner that works quite like a photocopier. Hand-held scanners are still used but, as flat board scanners are now quite inexpensive, their use is diminishing.

    • Word count: 2766
  7. How ICT requirements are met in an organisation.

    Digital Cameras- These cameras are devices that can take photos or moving images (films) and transfer them on to a PC. The images are JPEG, GIF, UGA, UFO or PSO. There are a total of 4 cameras in the department. The digital cameras connect to the via USB port. Scanners- There is 2 scanners in the department and they also transfer images to the computer. They work like photocopier but can transfer the images to a PC. This device also connects through USB port. Web Cams- The web cams are used to project moving images on to the internet.

    • Word count: 1308
  8. Mr Fitzpatrick has taught me rugby in the past and he likes to keep his players fit.

    Alternative solutions discussed The fitness plan could be typed out on Microsoft word and handed to all the players as a document to read, but this would take more time than required and would also cost money in paper and ink. This sheet could also be lost before the player has read it meaning that it has served no purpose because the player has not read it. The plan could also be done on Microsoft excel as a spreadsheet but again as with word that will take up too much time and cost money in ink and paper.

    • Word count: 1891
  9. Describing the ICT systems of EDS.

    they want to open, to do this you need something which will show you where you are, this is shown on the PC by a pointer, which helps you find and see clearly where you are going to and what you are doing. The mouse is used in the offices connected to the PCs at the back of the hard drive by using a USB port and on the laptops given by the organisation, it has a built in mouse so you put your finger on the small ball or small pad and guide it to where you want it to go.

    • Word count: 1422
  10. How do the land use, housing and environmental quality in Tudor, Callowland, Nascot and Park wards of Watford affect the relative "desirability" of the wards?

    For example, a student would not live in a 5 bedroom detached house. PARK WARD This was the first ward visited and due to the fact that this was the first time I had visited these wards, this ward has left an indentation in my mind of my first impression of Watford. We commenced north up Hempstead road and took a left into Stratford way, where our fieldwork began. Small detached housing covered this area. The field sketch below shows you how close the house's boundaries are, as well as the style and age of the houses.

    • Word count: 866
  11. I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning - I shall do this by having two separate learning games, Mouse Movement and Keyboard Skills.

    The user should type the word in the text box provided, and then click "OK". Here we are reinforcing the previous exercise to allow the user to practise. In both activities, if the user enters the word correctly, clapping will sound, again for the psychological reason that if the child is being praised they are encouraged to repeat the event again and the next colour/word will appear. On the other hand if the user gets it wrong, TRY AGAIN will appear, three incorrect answers and the task will be completed for then in slow motion to allow then to learn from there mistakes.

    • Word count: 4936
  12. Hard Drive Technology

    But today, most platters are made from material like glass or ceramic composite. These light, strong materials have a very low thermal expansion, and compare to aluminum. They can withstand higher forces. So the platters can run faster. Older hard disk drive can only run at 3600 to 5200 rpm. Today's ones can run 7600 to 10000 rpm. There is a layer of magnetic material on the surface of the platters. Today a thin-film media is used here. Thin-film media is a microscopic layer of pure metal bonded to the substrate surface through an interim layer.

    • Word count: 815
  13. Health and Safety in the work environment - Plan for building the machine - Plan for installing software - The test procedure

    Plan For Building The Machine To build the machine, we followed the steps below: Step 01: Put the CD ROM Drive in and screwed it into place Step 02: Put the Floppy Disk Drive in and screwed it into place Step 03: Put the memory in place Step 04: Put the Power Source in place Step 05: Plug the Hard Drive Belt in place Step 06: Plug the CD ROM Belt in place Step 07: Plug the Floppy Disk Belt in place Step 08: Plug the LPT1 Belt in Step 09: Put the Processor and Fan in place and

    • Word count: 784
  14. The Manager of a shop in Kirkham Mr. Peterson (Eclipse) has asked me to produce a presentation for the release of the new console Xbox to run in the shop windows that will display all the new features and games coming for it.

    The only quick and simple solution would be to use a presentation package like Microsoft PowerPoint or Lotus Freelance. The manager of Eclipse wants the following to appear in the presentation: * The slide show should attract more attention by different animation effects * Information on the release dates and costs of the products * Reviews of at least 5 games and some hardware reviews. * There should be a clear, introductory slide including a picture and information about the Xbox console.

    • Word count: 867
  15. Desktop Publishing - Skating Brochure

    I could use page plus, Coral Draw, Paint or Microsoft Publisher these are all very good desktop publishing programs. I could use Microsoft Paint but there is no word art/ Clip art and other very useful features it is also very difficult to edit when it is there and is just not very easy to use. The only quick and simple solution would be to use a desktop publishing like Microsoft Publisher because this is the only one the school has and most of my work will be done there. The manager of Preston Skate Park wants the following to appear the brochure: * The brochure should attract more attention by have lots of different colours * Information on the opening times and costs per hour * Reviews of the top skaters that have visited the park.

    • Word count: 760
  16. Tesco Report: "One Team Around The World"

    The makers of this document would have use large monitors so they could see the whole thing at once. A colour laser printer would have been used so to produce high quality colour print outs quickly. A mouse, keyboard and processor would have also been used. The document uses tables charts and graphs to show information easily. Design guides have been used to make it satisfying to the eye and easy to make sense of the information. To frame the text large margins have been used. For what it is trying to say, it is very good at it.

    • Word count: 1322
  17. They have never bought a computer before and have around 1800 to spend on both hardware and software.

    into the motherboard to keep costs down. It will need to contain several different types of ports. There will need to be around 4 USB ports (for various peripherals, e.g. digital camera, scanner, printer), a parallel port (for the printer or scanner), two PS2 ports (one each for the keyboard and mouse), and a serial port (some digital cameras still connect his way). This will give them a choice of connection options and extra peripherals. A modem will be needed to connect to the Internet.

    • Word count: 1871
  18. Comparing the use of input and output methods and devices

    Training is needed to use the Keyboard effectively. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of keyboards are as follows: * Good for manual text entry. * Special keys can be used for special functions. * Hot key combinations can simplify tasks for expert users. * Familiar device - even for novice users. * Mistakes easily made - even by trained users. * Large footprint - takes up a lot of space on a desk. * Data input is slow compared to many other devices.

    • Word count: 1149
  19. My advice to David and Angela is to buy a package first of all, a desktop package, which will allow them to do various tasks for their club. So after searching on the web I have decided they should buy a package.

    It has also got 256 DDR RAM, which I feel is a spacious area. It will allow the computer to do various tasks at one time so that could be useful. The next good area of this computer package is that it holds a 40GB hard drive. This huge hard drive will certainly enable David and Angela to save there work on it and also produce a lot of documents and also save them. It will also enable them to load new packages such as a graphics package, which could design the logo's etc because 40 GB is a huge space.

    • Word count: 787
  20. To create the new Top Toggs information system I have used a computer of the following specification:

    Therefore when a key is pressed it triggers an electronic signal that the computer interprets as a binary number, which is in turn changed into the appropriate character. The mouse is a device allowing a pointer to be moved around the screen in response to the relative position to the mouse. Two optical sensors monitor two wheels, at 90 degrees to each other (equivalent to the y and x axis on a graph) driven by a spherical mouse ball. These optical signals which are read as a set of co-ordinates to be able to plot the mouse pointer on the screen.

    • Word count: 573
  21. Tandem Club

    Hardware information Hardware is split into many groups from input to output and processing to storage. An input device is information that goes into a computer where as output is getting information out of the computer. Storage is parts that store information and keep it on your computer so as a hardrive. Hardware advice Item Description/Reasoning Advantages Disadvantages Cost Mouse Makes work easier and quicker Very useful for software packages with many keys Only usely have to buttons so it is limited what you can do with it.

    • Word count: 1256
  22. Hardware analysis.

    Each package is discussed below along with its advantages and disadvantages. Software Advantages Disadvantages Microsoft Word * can be used to insert pictures & video clips * includes graphics and fancy headings * Staff will not need training, as MS Word is very similar to the current software used - MS Works * Cannot be edited with as much ease as a true desktop publishing package. * The cost of the program is an issue Front Page Express * Specifically written for producing web sites, which is accessible from anywhere in the world * Difficult to use - Staff will

    • Word count: 2363
  23. Computer Hardware

    I will use the Internet Explorer as my browser to view them as web pages. I will set up each of my pages and then insert the links. My Links Putting My Plan Into Action I first loaded Front page Express and saved the page as Buyers. Then I started to enter the basic text that I wanted. I then formatted the font, text size and the colour. I saved my work then opened a new blank page. I set up this page in the exact same way as the main menu and saved it as 'Input Devices'.

    • Word count: 5216
  24. What is a computer system?

    When struck by electrons the phosphor dots glow to give colours. Computer input device advantages and disadvantage device Advantage Disadvantage Keyboards Easy to use As fast as you can Scanner Graphics can be easily put in may need to size/takes 7 seconds Digital camera Easily captures pictures May require processing Data storage device Advantage Disadvantage Floppy disk Useful for transferring data They only hold 1.4 megabits Hard disk Holds loads of information The heads crash even if a smoke particle got on the disk Magnetic tape They can be used for permanent storage You can not go directly to an

    • Word count: 1304
  25. Shortest Routes Problem Solving - School Driver

    From SLE to BG (fastest routes to back home) 3. From BG to SLE (fastest routes to back to school) 4. From SLE to BG (through all the places in shortest routes) I have asked her where the 12 places were, how much profits she earns totally per month and how much the costs are. Here is the information: The name of the twelve place: Belevedere Garden Phase 3 (BG) Tsuen King Garden (TKG) Clague Garden Estate (CGE) Discovery Park (DP) Water Side Plaza (WSP) Luk Leung Sun Chuen (LYSC) Pa Tin Pa Tsuen (PTPT) Kwai Yin Court (KYC)

    • Word count: 1501

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