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The impact of ICT on your local community

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The impact of ICT on your local community The local community that I will be focusing on is Uckfield. I will be searching about there to find all of the ICT that they use around the area. There are many new and old technologies in Uckfield that can be accessed by anyone in the world. In this essay I will name all of them in Uckfield and will list some advantages and disadvantages of them and will evaluate the cost fro the community for having them and how necessary they are for the community and lastly what would happen if we didn't have them in our community, what would happen to Uckfield if we had no technologies? Internet Caf� The Uckfield Internet caf� is an Internet Cafe or Cyber Cafe where customers pay to use Internet connected computers. The computers are self-access which means the customer presses the keys, moves the mouse and looks at the computer screen. Currently we charge �2 for 1-hour computer access, with a minimum charge of �1. When you come in you simply buy a pay and display sticker from our automatic ticket machine to cover the time you would like to stay. Then you sit down and use a computer. Keep an eye on the time - if you run out of time you just buy another ticket. No membership is required. To just browse the Internet you do not need an email account, but if you want to send and receive email or purchase goods and services online then you are required to have your own email account. ...read more.


Memory card formats that we support read include Compact Flash, IBM micro drive, Secure Digital, Multi Media Card, Memory Stick and Smart Media Card. Photographs on a memory card can be viewed, printed, emailed and copied onto CD. You can print on the black and white laser printer from any of the computers simply by clicking on the print button. You can print all sorts of things including web pages, photos, Word documents and Adobe Acrobat documents. You can print from the Internet, from a 3.5 inch floppy or from a CD. All major languages are supported on our computers, plus input method editors for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The Internet Cafe welcomes disabled customers. They comply with the new duties placed on us by part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 that came into force on the 1 October 2004. The service is available from both inside the Internet Cafe and the immediate surrounding area through the provision of wireless laptops for the disabled. This is a very good technology to have in the community, without some people would struggle to get things done. But some disadvantages of having this technology is that some individuals may use it to access the wrong sort of files, and be downloading things they shouldn't be, also you will not have as much privacy when your sitting next to other customers peering over at your screen. ...read more.


But it may come as a shock to some of the drivers who are in a rush to get somewhere and hadn't noticed the speed camera and have got caught. The worst one maybe that the film inside the camera has run out and may have missed the real offenders. This could be better by being more open so that the drivers have a chance to see them and can stop or they can make the cars so they cannot go above the speed limit of 70mph or round-a-bout that speed. Which will stop accidents and deaths and traffic jams in a busy road from a crash. CCTV This allows you to watch your property and can catch criminals without confronting them and without the unnecessary violence. You can put these anywhere around your home to protect it, so that the criminals cannot burgle and will get the justice that they deserve. Although by the time the criminal has realised that you have a CCTV camera then they would have gone, this could act as a deterrent also. The CCTV and the camera feed would cost a lot and then to install it to meet your needs would be expensive, but if you have something that you do not want to be damaged or something that is very valuable then this piece of technology is well worth the money. The criminals can also break the cameras so you cannot track the movement of them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Candidate number: 9620 James Iswariah centre number: 56535 ...read more.

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