Nina Riccii perfume adverts - TV and magazine evaluation

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The conventions of a female perfume advert are generally very similar. Stereotypically, perfume adverts aimed at women show the idealistic woman. They would usually use a dominative, independent woman or an innocent, naïve woman. This usually depends on the genre of the brand and whether it is aimed at a more mature audience or at younger women.

Usually, for a classier brand, creams and deep colours would be used to connote sophistication and elegance. Whereas, for a more girly brand, baby pinks, blues and whites would be used to connote a more innocent, fictional theme, which would be more fairy tale like and in hold more intertextuality. 

In the ‘Nnai, L’Eau’ television advert, we see that the brand holds a more girly, playful theme. In the establishing shot, we see that the theme is very girly but also classy. An extreme long shot is used, eye view to the indoor space. We can also see that the walls are all white and cream, which like usual conventions can connote dullness. The lighting is also slightly low key and makes the shot look plain and dull. The setting also looks very pristine and one interesting focus is the large mirrors in the right foreground of the frame. An attractive model skips into the frame, becoming the main focus of the shot. Her inquisitive body language shows her to seem young and child like. She is first revealed in the reflection of the mirrors as the camera pans around to the left to become in line with her. She is lightly made up with neatly curled hair that initially portrays her as an innocent character. This is also intertextual to most fairly tales as the girls are usually young and innocent looking.

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She moves towards a mirror and presses her hand onto it. This shows further that she is an innocent, inquisitive, character. When she presses the glass, the camera moves around to a medium shot as she sees her reflection begin to look different. The shot changes to a medium shot to show her reflection in the mirror change as she is next shown to be heavily made up and look more mature. After this, the lighting becomes higher key and everything in the frame as she turns around becomes brighter. The incidental music begins to build up in tempo and ...

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