Analysing my lifestyle and fitness.

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Analysing lifestyle controlled assessment

Analysing lifestyle

I am a 15 year old black male. I weigh about 156.6 lbs and I am about 5.65 feet. I partake in physical activity 3 times a week. I do an hour of physical education once a week and I go to the gym twice a week for about 1- 1.5 hours each. I am looking to test my levels of fitness by doing various tests such as the bleep test to help me measure this.

Health screening tests

We chose to do these health screening tests as it was easy to administer as little equipment was needed and it could be done in a relatively short amount of time. The tests were appropriate to normal everyday tasks that I do.


Looking at my score of 10.1, I can see that my cardiovascular endurance is one of my strengths as the national average is 8.9. This would affect my lifestyle as it having good stamina would help me with everyday tasks such as running for the bus or running to school before I am late. It would also help me aerobically as it shows that I have pretty good slow-twitch muscle fibres. It is also an indication if I am more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease or stroke.

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Another of my strengths was flexibility. By looking at my score which was 24 and comparing it to the national average, I can see that it is strength. This would affect my lifestyle as having good flexibility would help me when I am doing things such as tying my shoelaces.


A weakness that I found while doing these tests was my speed. This was shown when I did the 30m sprint and got a score of 5. I think this may have due to me not wanted to participate in this test so ...

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