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GCSE: Anatomy and Physiology

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  1. Conduct the Queens Step test (provided) for all 4 students. Record the resting heart rates before commencing test and record recovery rates for five minutes after completion of test. Construct a suitable chart to record all information, including norms.

    Ella may have changed her result, to be more like the other girls. Also, the hype before the test may have increased her resting heart rate as well as the recovery time, as the students kept moving around, increasing their heart rate. In terms of her aerobic fitness, she has a low to reasonable level that can easily be improved with more a more committed training program. This is based on her actions throughout the test, as she showed signs of fatigue and her heart rate.

    • Word count: 5265
  2. Personal Exercise Programme

    mins 24 press ups 19 Triceps dips 28 Sit ups 14 shuttles Week 8 - 70% Rowing machine -27mins Bicycle machine -27mins Running machine - 27mins Rowing machine - 27 mins 4 times for 32 seconds -Crunches/abdominal curls Week 9 - 70% Rowing machine -27mins Bicycle machine -27mins Running machine - 27mins Rowing machine - 27 mins 24 Toe raises 28 Tuck jumps 12 Pull ups Week 10 - 70% Rowing machine -29mins Bicycle machine -29mins Running machine - 29mins Rowing machine - 29 mins 17 Standing calf raises 30 Sit ups 15 shuttles Week 11 - 70% Rowing machine

    • Word count: 3793
  3. Case study on Andrew Flintoff. Background information on Ankle Sprain which Andrew Flintoff is suffering from Ankle sprain

    * 2004-05 - Surgery on left ankle: leaves South Africa early. * 2006 - Operation on ankle: misses Pakistan Tests. * 2006-07- Needs injection after problems with left ankle. * 2007 - Soreness in left ankle: misses first two Tests of West Indies series. Ruled out of rest of series due to need for third operation. * 2007 - All-rounder Flintoff had his third ankle operation in June. Individual records and achievements * Flintoff is the third highest English wicket-taker in one-day international cricket with 135 wickets, and the 12th highest in Test cricket, with 197 wickets.

    • Word count: 3924
  4. Negative effects of exercise Exercise is also known for its vast results with benefiting the aging process and functional capacity

    Drugs may also become an issue to increase their physical ability and appearance such as steroid abuse. Exercise Addiction Exercise is an enjoyable way to relieve stress and increase energy levels, however, when involvement becomes intense, exercise can turn into an addiction that must be performed every day. If an exercise-addicted person cannot exercise, he or she will experience a great deal of guilt and anxiety over the inactivity. Not being able to exercise causes severe depression. Problems at home, work, and with relationships occur.

    • Word count: 3125
  5. Step-by-step system to gain muscle from a nutrition standpoint.

    DETERMINING RATIO OF PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATE AND FATS Now that we know how to determine calories, let�s take a look at how to calculate ratios of protein, carbohydrate and fats. If you�re looking to put on muscle, a ratio of 55 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent protein and 15 percent fat is an excellent balance. The 55 percent carbohydrate (keep refined carbohydrates to a minimum) will provide ample energy for intense workouts, and the 30 percent protein will provide the necessary building blocks for muscle.

    • Word count: 3240
  6. Investigating the speed of a spherical object on a slope.

    has on the speed of the ball as it travels down the slope. To get the speed of the ball from experiments I will use the equation 'speed = distance / (divided by) time'. In my 'preliminary work' you can see how I am going to measure these things. In my experiment I am going to keep the same everything other than the height of the slope. In my 'preliminary work' you can see what things I am going to use and how I am going to take measurements. I will keep the same the: * Material of slope (I will use the triangular hollow metal ramp)

    • Word count: 3498
  7. Monitoring Food and Its Effects on the Body

    Each human has a different BMR, however it is lowest at rest when a person is sleeping (NHMRC 2005). It is also found to vary with age where a younger person will have a much higher BMR than adults as their body still undergoes rapid cell division, which requires abundant energy, according to Hanson (2003). However, each person performs daily activity where they are engaged in different exercise and task. When the exercise and tasks are applied, the active metabolic rate (AMR)

    • Word count: 5053

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