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gym level 1

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Main session Lat pull down 3sets of 12 rest 30 seconds between sets on 50kg Adjust the seat so that when you sit, your knees are firmly pressed against the pads on either side of and in front of the seat and your feet are flat on the floor. Select the desired weight. It is best not to use a weight too heavy that will cause you to lean back when pulling the overhead bar, as this movement can cause lower back injury. Sit on the seat and reach up to grasp the horizontal bar over your head. Hold the bar in an overhand grip at the point where the bar curves slightly downward on either side. Pull the bar down to the top of your chest. Keep your back straight throughout the movement. With the bar at your chest, squeeze your lats, and then slowly return the bar to the starting position. This is one complete lat Leg press 3 sets of 10 rest 20 second between sets on 75kg Sit on the leg press machine comfortably, with your back flush against the back of the seat. Place your feet against the leg press. ...read more.


It's usually laying on the footrests. Hold the rowing handle mechanism firmly in your hand, with one hand on each handle. Make sure that the cord connecting the rowing handle to the weights is not tangled, or you can end up snapping the line or injuring yourself while completing the exercise. Place your feet firmly on the platform. It is positioned at an angle away from your body toward the front of the machine. Keep your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Slide all the way forward, so that your b******s are close to your feet. Use your legs, shoulders and back to pull the weight backwards along the track. Make sure you do so in a steady motion, and avoid favouring one particular part of your body for the motion. In other words, don't just use your legs. Straighten your back to a position perpendicular to the floor. It's okay to go beyond the vertical as long as the weight you've used is not too high. If it is, you run the risk of back injury. Move your body back toward the starting position in one smooth motion. Floor stretches Touch your soles together and press gently on your knees with your elbow. ...read more.


hand to slowly press your heel toward your b******s until you feel a stretch on the front of your thigh Hold the stretch, then switch sides Avoid this stretch if you are experiencing any pain Lie on back, with lower back flat on floor, knees bent and feet flat slowly extend one leg up until you feel a gentle pull behind the knee to increase the stretch, gently flex the ankle Hold 15-30 seconds Repeat with other leg Place both palms against wall at shoulder height Position feet slightly apart, slide one foot back, toes pointed forward, keeping both heels on the ground Bend front knee slightly Gently lean forward feeling a stretch in back of leg and calf Hold 30 seconds for each leg while breathing Repeat with the other leg Week 2 Now we can build up the work gradually. By repeating last week's but shortening the recovery time and increase the weight on the residence machine. Lat pull down 3sets of 12 rest 25 seconds between sets on 55kg Leg press 3 sets of 10 rest 17 second between sets on 77kg Lying leg curl 4 sets of 10 rest 20 seconds rep between set on 72kg Shoulder press 2 sets of 15 22 second rest between sets on 27kg ...read more.

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