Freestyle: The fastest and most well known stroke from many people. This is one of the strokes that require a lot of endurance and it.

Backstroke: This stork is one of the most difficult stroke because you cannot see where you are going and it requires you to swim with all of your body close to the surface of the water (like lying your back on a bed and your head on a pillow).


Front Crawl: To do this, you have to swim with your body close to the surface and the best way to do this is to put your face in the water unless you need to breathe in air. Then you use your arm is used to help to increase speed on your stroke and to do this, your elbow should be bending and pushing the hand towards the feet and then start lifting the arms out of the water and start rotating it again. Also the leg plays one of the important parts of the stroke because you use the leg to power your way forward.  

Backstroke: To do this you got to keep yourself travelling in a straight line, and by using your feet, it allows you to power your way forward but making sure you do not produce too much slash. Then your arms is also used to power your way forward, and they should be rotating around the circle clockwise (in and out of the water) and also making sure your head is close to the surface of the water so you can breathe in air easily.


The reason I need to use this two stroke is because if I don’t use it, I cannot travel one side of the swimming pool to the other. Freestyle and Backstroke is my favourite strokes, and I use it because I’m more familiar with it and I know how it works e.g. the skill and technique. Another reason why the two stroke is used in this session is because I want improve the two different strokes and also I need to get back on how to perform the skill consider I haven’t done swimming a while.

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Instead of using the same previous skill last swimming session, I also used a the tumble turn so I can combine my front crawl and then use the tumble turn to make me carry on swimming from one side to the other without stopping.

Tumble turn is a turn that involve me not to touch the wall and do a somersault in the pool so that my body positioning is turned around and use both feet to push myself as far as I can to restart my strokes again.


The ...

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