Training Programme Coursework

I am undertaking this training programme to improve my agility for cricket.

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Height (cm)

A. Planning

i) Purpose/aim of the programme

How fit am I?

Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment. Fitness is relative to the demands made on the body. I think I do not have good general fitness however I think I am better at specific fitness - this is the ability of the body to carry out set tasks effectively and efficiently. It usually requires some sort of learning and so can be called skilled - related fitness.

Score (including units)

Component of Fitness

Test Name

Level 4.4

Cardio-vascular endurance

Multi-stage fitness test (Bleep test)


Grip strength

Hand dynamometer


Hip/back flexibility

Sit and Reach


Shoulder flexibility

Shoulder flexibility


Explosive strength

Vertical jump (Sergeant jump)

.2m, 1.35m

Explosive strength

Broad jump


Reaction time

Ruler drop



Stork stand or Bench balance



Illinois agility run



30 metre sprint



Alternate ball toss


Muscular endurance

Abdominal curls

By observing my fitness scores, it is fair to say that I do have strength within me. Strength is the ability to apply force against a resistance (exert force with muscles). For the "hand dynamometer", I used static strength. I know that I do have quite good strength as I was able to achieve a high score. For the "Sergeant jump" and the "Broad jump", I was able to use explosive strength very well and so with these tests and my overall strength I can conclude that I have good strength and so I will not have to improve it any further for any of my sports or activities.

My test scores show that my endurance definitely needs to be improved. My "bleep test" results prove that I need to work on my muscular and cardio-vascular endurance. If I was to become a marathon runner, I would not last very long seeing as I would not have enough muscular endurance in the legs and enough cardio-vascular endurance to supply oxygen to my muscles.

My speed can be varied. I have a quicker reaction time than movement time. The "ruler drop" test shows that my reaction is fairly quick however I could maybe speed it up a bit more. On the other hand, my movement time is not so successful. On the "bleep test", although it is testing my cardio-vascular endurance, my movement time between each stop reduces as the test becomes more intense.

The "Illinois agility run" was a test of my agility. I have not achieved the time which I expected seeing as last year when we did the "Illinois agility run" in school for fitness, I completed it in a much quicker time. However looking at my time now, I realise that I have become slower and so I will definitely have to improve my speed and agility.

My co-ordination can be very good depending on the skill level. Sometimes I can move two or more body parts together smoothly and accurately but sometimes I do get confused and my co-ordination seems to disappear. The "alternate ball toss" test was a test of co-ordination. I improved every time I did the test and this shows my co-ordination for this test was efficient.

The two flexibility tests prove that I am not very flexible however I am within the average flexibility skill for the "sit and reach" test. For the sports and activities I do, flexibility is not needed however I could maybe increase my flexibility skill to help me in life. For the "sit and reach" test I achieved a good score and it was one of the highest in the class. Alternatively, my "shoulder flexibility" test score was not too good. This shows that I need to improve my flexibility at the shoulder joints.

Overall, I think I have strengths and weaknesses in both physical and motor fitness. Strength is my strongest component of physical fitness whereas my strongest component of motor fitness is co-ordination or agility.

Have I got any injury or health problems?

I have no health problems and my diet is fairly balanced, however I have fractured my right elbow and my right ankle. I had fractured my right elbow approximately seven years ago and it had healed much quicker than the doctors had expected; so that will not affect my training programme. On the other hand, I had fractured my right ankle five years ago and it was serious and I am still having some minor problems and accidents because of it slipping. This means that I will have to take this into consideration when I am planning my programme. My diet is not too controlled which means that according to my BMI I am overweight which may affect my cardio-vascular endurance during my training programme. The last time I had gone to the hospital for my physiotherapy for my ankle, the physiotherapist had said that my ankle would slip randomly if I was not careful. This means that there could be a high possibility of reducing my skill level throughout the training programme.
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What do I do?



Day which activity is carried out

- few lengths in the pool

- swimming for fun with friends

- 1 1/2 hours worth



- dance routine

- 1 hours worth









- few fun games with friends at the park

- approximately 1 hours worth



- a game or two at the park

- sometimes some skill ...

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