An Islamic Perspective on Divorce

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An Islamic Perspective on Divorce 

Marriage as prescribed by God is the lawful union of a man and women based on mutual consent. Ideally, the purpose of marriage is to promote a state of harmony, love and kindness in Islam, but this is not always the case. Islam discourages divorce but, unlike some religions, does make requirements for divorce by either party. 

God provides general guidelines for the process of divorce with emphasis throughout on both parties upholding the values of justice and kindness in formalizing the end to their marriage (see Surah 2: 224-237 for general guidelines regarding divorce). 

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God encourages the husband and wife to appoint arbitrators as the first step to aid in reconciliation in the process of divorce. If the reconciliation step fails, both men and women are guaranteed their right to divorce as established in the Qur'an.

When a divorce is initiated by the man, it is known as talaq. The statement by the husband may be verbal or written, but once done, a waiting period of three months ('iddat) must take place in which there are no sexual relations even though the two are living under the same roof. The waiting period helps prevent ...

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