Do you live in a civilized society? Does the thought of thousands of people being murdered daily prey on your mind? Today the brutal, horrific and immoral murder of thousands of babies daily is allowed. Why?

 In Britain and across the world abortion is legal at any time between conception, to 9 months later when birth will take place. At 9 weeks the baby can feel pain. Imagine. How must it feel to drink acid and feel your body burn from the inside out? Or be dragged out of the womb when you can’t yet breathe on your own and you suffocate?

 Gianna Jessen was a “botched abortion”. Because of this she had cerebral palsy. They thought she would die. She lived. They thought she wouldn’t be able to crawl. She walked. There is hope.

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 There were many witnesses to her entry into the world a room full of mothers waiting for the deaths of their babies, sent into a state of hysteria.

 She says “I am happy to be alive”, “everyday I thank God for life” she was a “botched abortion”.

 In a saline abortion the baby will drink the fluid injected into the mother. Thrash about in a desperate plea for life, and the die in 24 hours the mother will deliver a smouldered dead baby.

 At the end of the day abortion is calculated execution of somebody who hasn’t been born yet.


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