Debate Speech opposing the motion euthanasia should be legalized

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Debate Speech opposing the motion euthanasia should be legalized

Madame chair, fellow members of the opposition, members of the proposition and members of the house we are all here today to debate the controversial topic of Euthanasia and whether or not it should be legalized. Members of the house the opposition vehemently cannot accept the legalization of Euthanasia.

The term Euthanasia has came to mean an easy death which is what we all want ,but will legalizing euthanasia provide us with this? To legalize Euthanasia is to regard the deliberate and barbaric act if killing a fellow human being as acceptable.

Our lives are a gift from God and all life on our planet is given by the divine power of our God. God has final authority over our lives and we should not do anything which would interfere with this. Since our very beginning God has been involved in our lives, so I ask you all is it not wrong to try and shut God out from our deaths?

Furthermore as human beings we are made in the likeness and image of God. This does not mean that we look like God but that human life possesses an intrinsic dignity and value because it is created by God in his own image for the distinctive destiny of sharing in his own life. By legalizing Euthanasia we would be disrespecting the sanctity and value of life.
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On the other hand the proposition have previously argued that Euthanasia spares a terminally ill person from suffering intolerable pain and that it is cruel to deny a person's right to die. We believe it is not our choice when or how to conclude our lives as we owe our lives to God. If it was God's plan for us to suffer then we must obey his orders. We believe that there may be value in a person's suffering. Pope John Paul II said:

' Down through the centuries and generations it has been seen that in ...

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