Do you think euthanasia should be legalized in Cyprus?

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Do you think euthanasia should be legalized in Cyprus?

Euthanasia can be described as an impassionate, cruel, ruthless act that survived through ages until modern days.  Yet people are asking to alter our moral values and principles by demanding legal practice of euthanasia on human beings.  This design must once for all be prevented.  Such a thing must not, and will not be accepted, because life is meant to be lived in order to be kept alive.  

To begin with, the practice of euthanasia will diversify moralities.  The Hippocratic oath, which was kept by doctors for thousands of years now acting as a motive to make them offer their best in helping their fellowman in pain will then be erased for ever.  As if this was not enough doctors will be forced to act as executioners.  They will be the ones to take away a human life, whether it will be against or over their will.  This of course will have a negative effect to the doctors themselves.  Their image of the loving, kind and affectionate person will then be changed to a cruel inhuman, heartless assassinator.  Furthermore doctors will be given absolute power and the lives of many people will then lie upon their hands.  This makes them act as being God since they will have the legal authority to decide whether to kill a person or not.  

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Obviously other more complicated destructive effects will then appear to the surface.  Once euthanasia is legalized it will then be abused by people and doctors.  It will be made easier for people who may wish the death of another person to accomplish so, through euthanasia.  People may pay doctors to kill someone ‘legally’ solving in that way all their problems.  Therefore corruption of people who are authorized to take a decision of someone’s death will certainly occur resulting in parallel to an increase in crime.  This will also make people in our society less trustworthy and honest where money comes ...

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