How does Peter Medak gain the viewers' sympathy for Derek Bently in the film

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How does Peter Medak gain the viewers' sympathy for Derek Bently in the film "Let him have it"?

Peter Medak gains sympathy for the character Derek Bently by showing his misfortune throughout the film.

Derek Bently was wrongly executed. The film shows the mistakes of the decision and the dangers of capital punishment. Derek has epilepsy and isn't very intelligent. These factors are used to create sympathy for Derek and create a feeling that he isn't fully in control of himself.

Because of his low intelligence, Derek gets into trouble. He is caught when his friends vandalise a shed and is sent to Kingswood Approved School. At nineteen Derek meets Christopher Craig who likes pretending to be a gangster, He uses Derek and gets them into trouble. Christopher goes mad when he and Derek are caught by the police and shoots a police officer, killing him. Derek was controversially hung for encouraging Christopher Craig to shoot the policeman. People have very strong views on capital punishment because many people who survive today to watch this film lived through times when capital punishment took place in this country so are reminded of something close to them. The film shows the effects of capital punishment, developing preconceived views which people have. The hanging of Derek Bently was particularly controversial because of the circumstances surrounding the case such as Derek's intelligence and the fact that Christopher Craig who was the one who shot the policeman was only given three years imprisonment. Also Derek Bently's murder charge rested purely on the words "Let him have it Chris", which could be taken as words of encouragement, as the jury decided but could have been a cry for Christopher Craig to let the policeman have his gun.

Bias is used on several occasions during the film as a tool to make the viewers feel sympathetic towards Derek.

The judge of the trial is extremely biased against Derek Bently. I believe that Peter Medak makes the judge this way so as to generate more sympathy for Derek from the viewers and to again put forward the idea that Derek is being treated unfairly and seems to have no hope. This increases the dramatic irony because the viewers know that this trial is a great injustice. I think that the judge would also show more bias because the murder was of a policeman because they are from similar lines of work. Derek may have got more sympathy from the judge if it was the murder of an ordinary member of the public. I think Peter Medak portrays the judge in this way because he himself is biased in the way he shows the life of Derek Bently. He does not show any happiness at all that Derek may have had in his life to magnify the fact of Derek's loneliness and to make the viewer again feel sympathetic towards him.
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All the way through the film, sympathy for Derek is built up. At the beginning of the film there is a scene outside his London home in 1941. There has been a bomb raid and Derek's house has been hit. Low-key lighting is used as a contrast to the flames. Very deliberate sound effects are used e.g. the screen is black at the beginning and all you can hear is bombs falling and exploding, one by one. When the air raided street scene is revealed there is the constant sound of sirens to signify emergency and danger. People's ...

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