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GCSE: Hajj

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  1. Religion, wealth + Poverty

    Work- work can give us identity, security and the means to meet many of our other basic needs. In the world today, there are developed countries like Britain and Japan, developing countries like Brazil and Malaysia and less economically developed countries (LEDCs) like Bangladesh and Mali where people regularly starve to death. If there is to be a fair world, then the economically developed countries need greater help from the developed countries. It is also in the interests of developed countries to help the LEDCs because they need new markets for their goods and they need products like cotton, tea and coffee from the LEDCs.

    • Word count: 3586
  2. Describe why a Muslim might take part in Hajj and what this involves?

    The final thing they must do before the journey is preparing, not just for the journey but also mentally. It is important that they are very knowledgeable about Hajj so they are in a fit state to meet Allah. Muslims might go on Hajj to be forgiven or to 'cleanse and purify themselves not just physically but mentally' When pilgrims arrive in Makkah they have to wear a set of clothing called Ihram. They wear a long white draped dress. Men wear two pieces of clothing, this is also used to burry them when they die. One piece is wrapped around the hip and the other is wrapped over the right shoulder, showing the right shoulder and this is called Ihram.

    • Word count: 4609
  3. Hajj Fini Coursework

    THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS IN THE HAJJ - PILGRIMAGE In order to complete the full Hajj - pilgrimage there are certain "sequences of events in the hajj" that have to be undertaken, in the correct order. To achieve this challenge, and become a Hajji, before God - Allah; one's mind, body and soul must all combine to create good Amal, Iman and Niyyah. If a Muslim present on the Hajj - pilgrimage, has: "Questionable intentions, insincere problems with the following of the ritual sequences and, or ignorant understandings of the importance of the rituals.

    • Word count: 5720
  4. Religious Education Hajj Coursework

    The Hajj is a set of acts of worship to be performed in and around Makkah at least once in a lifetime by every Muslim" (www.ummah.net/ hajj/glossary/), depending on their health and current financial status. Muslims are excused, for example, on the grounds that they cannot afford the trip or if their health permits them from the Hajj. Obviously, if a Muslim is seriously ill they could not possibly be expected to stand the intense heat and pressure from all of the movement and standing on Mount Arafat.

    • Word count: 10236

    it the last words before they die It is a duty for all Muslims to remember this prayer if they or old or young, man or woman just as it is for Christians to learn 'The Lord's Prayer'. The Shi'ahs will add 'Come to perform the best of deeds' twice after the fifth line. The actual words of the Shahadah are as follows: God is great (Four Times) I bear witness that there is no god but God. (Twice) I bear witness that Muhammad is the Prophet of God.

    • Word count: 3174
  6. b) Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them.

    A place of pilgrimage can simply be a place that helps pilgrims in their prayer and focus on whatever they are celebrating or whenever they pray to God. In general terms, a place of pilgrimage is a site thought by pilgrims and Christians to be holy, sacred or mystical and a site that involves some type of journey, whether it be physical or spiritual, and they must have the desire to get closer to God in going on this pilgrimage.

    • Word count: 4383
  7. Malcolm X Timeline

    This culminated in the murder of his father by white racists when Malcolm was six. Malcolm became a drop-out from school at the age of fifteen. Learning the ways of the streets, Malcolm became acquainted with hoodlums, thieves, dope peddlers, and pimps. Convicted of burglary at twenty, he remained in prison until the age of twenty-seven. During his prison stay he attempted to educate himself. In addition, during his period in prison he learned about and joined the Nation of Islam, studying the teachings of Elijah Muhammad fully. He was released, a changed man, in 1952.

    • Word count: 3324
  8. What is Hajj?

    This shows that the importance of Hajj does not simply rest merely in travelling on the physical journey; it is considered a clean, spiritual mind-blowing mental journey as well. The women that go on hajj should also have a close male relative or friend as their Wakil or Mahram (guardian), to protect them. Even though there are a lot of spiritual preparations we also have to look at the practical preparation that Muslims have to take, for a start they have to apply and receive a passport from the Saudi Arabian Embassy, they then have to apply for tickets to

    • Word count: 4816
  9. What is Islam?

    With this knowledge, it will easier to understand the foundations of Islamic belief and put it into a context that is relevant. The term Islam means "surrender" or "submission." However, a Muslim would understand it as, "one who submits to the will of God." Indeed, supplication to God's or Allah's will is key to the faith of Islam and is demonstrated by those who practice Salat, or ritual prayer. PBUH means The Prophet, and refers to Muhammad, the essential figure.

    • Word count: 3808
  10. What is Hajj?

    The Islamic calendar is lunar, not solar, which means Hajj can fall at any time of year. The end of Hajj is celebrated by the Eidal-Adha festival, which involves prayers and the exchange of gifts in Muslim communities all over the world. This celebration is combined with Eid al-Fitr, the feast day, which marks the end of Ramadan. These two Muslim festivals are important events in the calendar. If a Muslim is prevented from going on Hajj as result of illness, a lack of sufficient money or unavoidable circumstances, for example a funeral, then it is possible for them to join the other pilgrims in spirit and in prayer.

    • Word count: 3201
  11. Islam is believed to be the fastest growing religion in the world.

    it is important to recognise that the same situation occurs in the east. For example, in many areas on the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity constitutes a greater proportion of faith compared to countries in the Middle East where up to ninety nine percent of the population are practises Islam. When looking at the aspects of a Muslims life in which he/she is likely to face the most prominent issues, I decided that it would be more consequential to look at the issues posed when practising the five pillars of Islam, as they are central to the religion.

    • Word count: 4560
  12. The History of Islam in the New World Before Columbus.

    with spears then being forged in African Guinea. A further examination of the literature shows clearly that there are at least a dozen European explorers of the Columbus contact period who, within the first 50 years or so of the European encounter, saw black Africans among the Native Americans. For example Fredinand Columbus, one of the sons of Columbus, reported in a book on the life of Columbus, that his father told him that he had seen Blacks north of the present day Honduras.

    • Word count: 5308
  13. Marriage and divorce in Christianity and Islam.

    Jesus regarded divorce and remarriage as essentially to be deplored. The teachings and traditions of Christianity can vary in different regions. However, western Christendom teaches that marriage has three purposes: - The procreation and nurture of children - Mutual help and comfort - And a remedy against sin The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church regards marriage as a contract in which each of the partners gives the other an exclusive and permanent right to his or her body for proper sexual purposes. According to a catechism published by the Catholic Truth Society in 1985: "Marriage is the sacrament in which a baptised man and woman vow to belong to

    • Word count: 8179
  14. Pilgrimage in Islam and Christianity.

    Not robbing a bank). - You should be physically fit. Muslims are advised to go on pilgrimage when they are young enough to withstand the gruelling conditions. But the problem is that many cannot afford until they're old hence some even die on their pilgrimage. The Greater Pilgrimage is called the Hajj; people who complete it are honoured with the titles of hajji (for a man) and hajja (for a woman). The words hajj literally means 'to set out for a definite purpose'. Hajj: the Greater Pilgrimage This can only be done on special days during the pilgrimage month, Dhul-Hijjah.

    • Word count: 3194
  15. The dictionary definition of fasting is, 'to abstain from eating and sometimes drinking, especially as a religious observance'. This can relate to many religions, including Islam, where followers fast during Ramadan.

    At the beginning of Ramadan there is great excitement, as people wait for the sighting of the new moon. Some phone Mecca, in some countries it is announced on the radio, or sometimes a cannon or other signal can be heard. Fasting takes place during daylight hours, from dawn until sunset, when nothing can be eaten or drunk, even chewing is not allowed, as the fast entails going without food or drink during the daylight hours of everyday of Ramadan. When this falls in summer with very long days this can be particularly difficult. Any Muslim capable of fasting should, but without endangering life or health.

    • Word count: 5017
  16. What is Hajj?

    It consists of washing the hands, arms, face, ears, nose, neck, mouth and feet. After bathing, a man would put on two white sheets. One fastened around the waist, and the other thrown over the shoulder. A woman doesn't have to wear a certain type of clothing, but she must cover the whole of her body, preferably in white, except for her feet and face. Then the Muslim would say, " Here I am for Hajj. Here I am, oh Allah, here I am. Here I am. You have no partner. Here I am.

    • Word count: 3140
  17. Explain why Christians go on pilgrimage and the benefits they receive from going.

    It may also be the presence of someone else holy, for example, Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, or Lourdes. In Lourdes, Our Lady the Immaculate Conception appeared there. People follow her orders to go to Lourdes. Prayer is a special part of pilgrimage, the actual concept of being on pilgrimage is so that you can be under the presence of God or someone holy, this can make worship and prayer much stronger and more special. The significance of this is that you can't get the same contented feeling of praying somewhere holy when you are at home.

    • Word count: 3074
  18. Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca

    Therefore if Muslims go to Mt Arafat they can also have the spiritual closeness to God and have all sins forgiven. (Soon the Ka'bah, after Adam built it, was torn down) The second important historical moment surrounding the Hajj involves Abraham and his family. Abraham had dreamt that his son, Isma'il, was to be sacrificed to show his loyalty and faith to God. Abraham accepted this test of faith, and both him and Isma'il willing went to Mina to carry out the sacrifice.

    • Word count: 5644
  19. On pilgrimage. Explain the significance and the symbolic meanings of what you did.

    This is known as "MAHRAM". In Islam it is forbidden for women to make long journeys of more than 24 hours without a male accompaniment, who she cannot marry. If somebody cannot find a Mahram to go on the journey with her then she is not obliged to make the journey. Earlier today when I was out shopping with mum I asked her why I had to make the journey now and not later in my life like my grandparents did (they went on Hajj when they were about 65 years of age)

    • Word count: 6047
  20. Islam Coursework

    Hajj is an Arabic word, which means the performance of pilgrimage to Makkah, "To set out with a definite purpose". It is one of the five pillars of Islam. A Muslim is to perform Hajj at least once in his/her life, if means and health allow. There are rules and regulations and specific dress to be followed. It is to take place during the last month of the lunar calendar called the month of Dhul-ul-Hijjah. If the journey is made at any other time it is known as Umrah, which is the lesser pilgrimage, and the significance is not the same, because it is not obligatory, but voluntary.

    • Word count: 4118
  21. Pilgrimage Radio Show

    However she returned three days later, prayed their and once again saw the figure. On the third visit the figure spoke to Bernadette, it asked if she would visit everyday for a fortnight and said she would be rewarded in the next life. People accompanied Bernadette but could not see the visions. On the ninth Bernadette was told by the lady to drink and wash in water from a small spring and by the end of the day it had transformed into a flowing stream. On Bernadette's thirteenth vision of the figure on 2nd of March she was told to ask the priest to build a chapel at the cave and have regular processions.

    • Word count: 4191
  22. The Hajj

    Aii) All Muslims are expected to do Hajj at least once in their lifetime. It is part of their faith, and is intended as a proof of that faith. The exceptions are if you are too ill to travel, or if they are too poor. Often, poor families join together to pay for one person to go. Many families will save up for years to pay for the journey. All pilgrims wear exactly the same clothes. Men wear two sheets of white cotton without any seams. One covers the lower half of their body.

    • Word count: 3149

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