The Banana Farmer of Billingshurst

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The Banana Farmer of Billingshurst Once upon a time in a magical faraway land there lived a poor banana farmer in a log cabin in the woods of Billingshurst. There had been a poor banana harvest and Mr Banana Farmer was down on his luck. He decided that the banana farming wasn’t working out and so the banana farmer decided to become an accountant and sell his banana farm to an evil multinational corporation that would surely turn it into a sewage plant and kill everything nearby. But
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he didn’t care as he was going to live in Birmingham and start ‘Mr banana’s accountants’ where he would live a dull life. He didn’t seem to care about the innocent banana-blood that would be spilled should he let evil industries inc. take over. That night as he began to drift into sleep, a magical banana-fairy (called Frank) visited Mr Banana farmer and told him the error of his ways, Mr B.f. decided that It was rightfully his duty to take on evil, faceless corporations that threatened to wipes out small Banana-farming. Operations like his own! He immediately used his ...

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