What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?

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What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?


    There is no mention of abortion in the bible anywhere. This is most probably because no-one would have wanted an abortion during the time the bible was written. A lot of babies died at birth because of very poor health care, and an extra child in the family meant an extra child to work and earn money. There were no scanning machines either, meaning you would not know if your baby was going to be disabled or not. A disabled child was supported when born if they had Christian parents though.

    Abortions were heard of in the second century in the didache, which said “you shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb”.

    Most Christians don’t believe in abortions at all. They don’t believe it is right for doctors to ‘play god’, making decisions about other peoples life and death. Christians believe you should let nature take its course, but if you do this, and completely ignore medicine, there would be millions of deaths throughout the years from the simplest of things.

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    If a child has diabetes is it wrong to give a daily injection of insulin? People would be happy for a doctor to use medicine in this case. Yet most Christians say don’t ‘play god’ because of abortion, as they feel it is right to use medicine knowledge.

    Doctors are often given difficult decisions….persevere with resuscitation? Amputate a limb? Prescribe ‘guinea pig trial’ drugs to a patient? Keep a premature baby alive that will need a huge effort to keep alive, and have disabilities throughout their life.

    When it comes to discussions on ...

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