Where did the universe come from, has it evolved or has it been created by God?

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Halina Patel

Where did the universe come from, has it evolved or has it been created by God?


        It is believed from a scientific point of view in 1929 that the universe had formed by expanding. The evidence to support this was that more distant galaxies have greater red shifts than nearer ones. This means that more distant galaxies are moving away faster than nearer ones. The inescapable conclusion appears to be that the whole universe is expanding. There is also a scientific approach towards the theory of evolution that suggests that all the animals and plants on Earth gradually evolved over millions of years. The evidence to support this statement is that life on Earth began as simple organisms living in water and gradually everything else evolved from here. This process took 3,000,000,000 years. The religious point of view towards the universe and where it came from is the belief in the bible; this is mainly based on the Christian thinking that God created everything. If the Bible is taken literally the process took six days, and mankind didn’t evolve from apes but is descended from Adam and Eve. Religion can understand that the universe was created by God and that we descended from Adam and Eve, however science explains that the universe began with the Big Bang and then all living things evolved from there. There are two arguments displayed here with science and religion, whether the universe began from the Big Bang and that life evolved with basic building blocks or whether God created it and we descended from Adam and Eve. It is possible to hold a religious belief about the origin of the world and to accept the current view on the origin and evolution of the universe that can balance the views. It is also possible to take the scientific view about how it all happened for example the Big Bang theory tells us how it happened 15 billion years ago through the expansion of the universe.

        Science and Religion believe they know where the Universe came from there are two main types of scientific arguments that can explain this, that is the Cosmological theories which explains how the Universe came into being. Chief amongst this is the Big Bang theory. Scientists argue that the Universe began in an explosion of matter and energy. Matter from this explosion eventually formed stars, planets and everything else. The Universe still seems to be expanding today which is important evidence for this theory. The second type of argument is the Evolutionary theories, which explains how living things came to be like they are today. In 1859, Charles Darwin published ‘On the Origin of Species’. In this book he argued that all life on the planet originated from simple cells. Life evolved over millions of years into a huge variety of forms. According to this theory, we evolved from apes, not from Adam and Eve. These theories are at odds with many religious arguments. However, if you don’t take everything written in the Bible or the Torah literally, scientific and religious ideas can exist in harmony. Scientific ideas believe that religious or theological ideas go well together and are the same. Science tells us how, religion tells us why.

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        However, religious beliefs disagree with these statements and believe that the Universe did not begin with the Big Bang but that it was actually created by God himself, Christian thinking is based on the same idea that God created everything, the process took six days, for example, the Bible says things were created in the following order- the heavens and Earth, the atmosphere, land and sea, and then plants, animals and people. This is the same order, as scientists believe things appeared. So the timescale is different (million of years rather than six days), but the general idea is the ...

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