The electrolysis of Sodium Sulfate (Na2SO4)

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I. The electrolysis of Sodium Sulfate (Na2SO4)

Data Collection

Data analysis & Conclusion

From the experiment, after the electrolysis of Na2SO4, the color of cathode side becomes purple and there is bubble. The same thing happens in the other side, which is anode, bubble is also formed. Reduction happens in cathode, whereas oxidation happens in anode. In cathode, hydrogen (H2) is formed and in anode, Oxygen (O2) is formed. The reaction is in the following:

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Cathode →          2H2O + 2e-     →     2OH- + H2


Anode   →           2H2O   →  4H+ + O2 + 4e-

        In cathode, the product the reduction is OH-, which is base becomes purple after being added by phenolphthalein and in anode, the product of oxidation is H+ is acid. If acid is added by phenolphthalein, the solution will stay the same, which is colorless. In both sides, cathode and anode, ...

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This report has some interesting and useful information. However it also has some mistakes and is missing key pieces of information particularly surrounding the process of electrolysis itself. Overall this report would be 2*