Sociology AS coursework: preliminary investigation

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Sociology AS coursework

"Has Feminism forced women to go to work?"

Pollyanna Jones -

John Henry Newman School -

Sociology 'As' level coursework Pollyanna Jones 12RH


With the rise of Feminism since the 1970s several people wonder, "Has Feminism forced women to go to work?" The aim within this piece. To do this I shall look at a variety of feminist theories and comparing differences in women's roles in the past to the present to help demonstrate how feminism the effects of feminism has had in encouraging women to pursue careers. The idea of the 'triple shift' will also help me gather data on how women are over-worked. In particular, I will consider whether women really want to go into work or whether society has pressured them into doing so.


Content and Concepts

"What do women want?" (Jane Elliot - Phillip Allan, Oxfordshire UK - April 1997) is an article about the changes of women's experiences in paid employment. It explores what is going on and the pressures of feminism, a well as looking at what women really want. Another key issue it looks into is the Hakim Debate, which is about myths, which have been created by feminists about women's work and attitudes to employment. It also looks into contrasts between women's life now and pre- World War 2. Have their lives really improved? In many ways it is has shown that they have not, due to the fact they have to work so much harder, due to the "lack of childcare" and "exploitation in poor quality jobs". And is there now unequal division of labour between women and men within the home and job market, with housework, childcare, job segregation, discrimination and unequal pay?
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Feminism, my first concept, is the belief that society is disadvantageous to women, systematically depriving them of individual choice, political power, economic opportunity and intellectual recognition. Over time it seems to have pressurised women into going to work because they can. It disagrees with the view that women need to look after the family. But now many women feel the need to do work, meaning they are working the 'triple shift.'

Employment, my second concept, is the state of working for a financial return. The number of women entering employment has risen drastically over the last ...

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