What is diversity and how does it affect us?

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I believe diversity is everyone, and everything. No two people are alike; no two substances in this world could be identical, no matter how close they may look. We have different cultures in every facet of life, and even in those cultures we have differentiating views and beliefs. Diversity to me means something more than just different people, its sets us apart, gives us our own identity, and we are all equal but not the same.

Diversity is the sense that no matter where you come from, who you are, or what your background is, there is a place for you. Diversity is also part of the foundation of humanity. To be a human being is to be diverse and vice versa. Diversity is everywhere and especially plays a role in humanity, which every single human being is different in every single aspect both physically and mentally.

True diversity is a variety of personalities coming together as a group. Without diversity the world would be just boring and dull.

Diversity is being able to see everything from all different points of view. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes and not judging them.

Be who you are and don’t change for no one no matter the situation. Equality is no matter what race, religion, etc. you are; we are all equal and deserve respect! Equality is making sure you treat others how you would want to be treated no matter what you look like or what you believe. 

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What does diversity do?

Diversity, first and foremost, teaches us to accept differences in others and look beyond the base emotions of language, culture, race and color- all that makes us racists or sexists, for example. It teaches us to be more open and accepting of things that are different from us and in that process makes us more adjustable and open.

Certainly, diversity divides us. There are all kinds of examples of that. Color of skin, nationality, Heredity, religion, language, etc. has divided us in different ways and different degrees. Same thing with all of the rest. Financially divides ...

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