Examine the nature of the Dreaming and how it is inextricably connected with the land

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Examine the nature of the Dreaming and how it is inextricably connected with the land, imagining that you have just spent the last month living with a traditional Aboriginal community in a place such as Arnhem Land.

The dreaming is a term used to describe a central concept, which underpins all beliefs and practices in Aboriginal communities. It literally means ground in eternity. The dreaming represents all knowledge and understanding in Aboriginal societies and determines all relationships and responsibilities for Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal spirituality holds that great spirits walked the earth before people and animals were created. These great spirits determined the rules by which all living creatures should abide and the relationships of all to each other in order for life on this world to continue. It was of strong responsibility of the elders and group members to ensure that the dreaming stories and rituals associated with the dreaming were accurately remembered and passed on in dance and oral tradition, in song, and in art.

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Aboriginal definition of dreaming is the spirituality is the belief and the feeling within yourself that allows you to become part of the whole environment around you, not the built environment, but the natural environment. Birth, life and death are all part of it, and you welcome each.

To the Aboriginal people, the land is not dead. It is alive with power and the Ancestors who live in it. The land is the ancestors, and, as long as the land lives, so do the ancestors. The land is not just soil, rocks or minerals, but the whole environment and ...

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