Exercise and Heart Rate Design lab

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How Exercise Affects Heart Rates

Teacher’s Instructions: Design a lab to show the effect of exercise on one parameter of your body.


To see how different types exercises cause different heart rates.


When a person exercises, they start respiring differently, greater amount of blood is pumped into their heart, which causes a significant increase in their heart rate. Through this experiment one will see how exercise affects heart rate.



The more rigorous the exercise, the more energy will be consumed by the body. Thus, the heart will beat faster as the intensity of the exercise increases.

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-INDEPENDENT VARIABLE- The different types of exercises,

  • Running up a flight of stairs for a minute
  • Skipping for a minute
  • Walking on a treadmill for a minute
  • Lifting weights of 15kgs in each hand for a minute

-DEPENDENT VARIABLE- Different heart rates


  • The time spent (i.e.: one minute on each exercise)
  • The atmosphere and temperature should be the same for all exercises
  • The subject’s pulse rate should return to normal before another exercise

APPARATUS: To conduct the exercises we require,

  1. A flight of stairs ...

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